Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Mid-Week Update

I don’t know if I’ll do this every week, but I realized that my commentary that goes along with my weekly recaps that I post on Saturdays are getting quite long and involved and maybe I should make them a separate post and just do a workout and weigh in recap on Saturdays?  What do you think?  Yea, I thought it was a good idea too.  Haha.
First up for this mid-week recap will be what I’m eating this week!  So, we’ll start with Sunday and then, since I eat the same thing Monday thru Friday (although I do change from one week to the next for the most part, sometimes I make a double batch of one of the things I’m eating and will eat it for 2 weeks in a row).
So, Sunday, after my run, I met up with a friend at my absolutely favorite BBQ place in the entire world: Terry Black’s on Barton Springs Rd in Austin, TX.  I got ½ pound of the moist brisket and a pint of BBQ beans.  After I ate the brisket, I dipped it in their signature sweet BBQ sauce, I was stuffed!  So I put a lid on the beans and took them home with me.  A few hours after I got home, I ate a slice of the cherry pie I had left over from a spread we did at work last week for a couple of coworkers moving on to greener-for-them pastures.  Then, at 6 (because I try to not eat after 6pm), I ate the pint of beans and was D-O-N-E for the day with food.  I had only eaten 2057 calories for the day and still had almost 1500 left that I “could have” eaten, thanks to my run that morning.
Monday thru Friday this week, for breakfast, I’m eating zoatmeal!  If you have not heard of this craze that is apparently quite popular with bodybuilders (because they don’t normally get a lot of veggies in their diet…hello…protein, protein, protein!), let me tell you all about it!  You shred a zucchini and put it in your oatmeal.  It’s not as weird as it sounds, I swear!  Have you ever had zucchini bread?  Well, it’s kinda like that only less solid and more, well, porridge-y.  So, there are like 100 ways you can do zoatmeal.  Since this was my first time making it, I went with the most basic recipe I could find.  So here it is:

½ cup old fashioned oats
1 cup shredded zucchini
1 medium banana, sliced
½ cup fruit (I added chopped apples sautéed in coconut oil)
Cinnamon to taste
1 packet sweetener (optional)
1 cup cashew milk (or other nut milk or just water)
Cook on stove top for about 5-7 minutes and voila!  Zoatmeal!  This stuff is ridiculously delicious and I don’t ever want to eat anything else for breakfast again!
For my lunches, I made my healthier version of my family’s “enchilada” recipe, but because the only thing this recipe has in common with actual enchiladas is that there are cheese filled tortillas, I have changed to calling it a “Mexican casserole.”  I use Santa Fe Tortilla Company whole wheat & flax 8 inch tortillas, Laughing Cow Queso Fresco wedges (for inside the tortillas), Kraft 2% Mexican blend shredded cheese (also for inside the tortillas and to top the finished dish), then I use lean ground turkey instead of beef, low sodium kidney beans (that are also well rinsed) and then you sprinkle the remaining cheese and a small can of sliced olives on top.  Yea, see, I told you not actual enchiladas.  So, basically, it’s enchiladas topped with meat & bean chili.  There are also onions, tomato sauce (I use the no salt added variety), and chili powder.  I’ll be eating this for lunch next week as well because this recipe makes 10 decent sized servings at 400 calories each. 
For my snacks, I’m eating “cookie dough” yogurt.  You take one 5.3 oz container of plain Greek yogurt (I do 0%), 1 tbsp peanut butter (I’m highly partial to Maranatha no stir organic creamy PB), 1 tbsp honey, 1 tsp vanilla, and 1 tbsp of chocolate chips (I’m using the 62% cacao bittersweet chips).  It’s decent and resembles cookie dough, but not anywhere near as thick.  I probably won’t eat this again any time soon after this week is over, though.
And then I eat the Sargento Balanced Breaks for my dinners.  They're quick, easy, and portion controlled.

I worked overtime Monday night and was hoping to not eat anything after the night shift started.  But, I took my apple cinnamon rice cakes and some sugar free candies with me just in case.  I ended up eating them.  I did put them in my diary on MyFitnessPal before the shift started so I wouldn’t forget to put them on there in the morning when I got off work.  I figured I could just take them off if I didn’t eat them and if I forgot to take them off if I didn’t eat them, it wouldn’t hurt anything to leave them there as I had more than enough in my “calorie bank” thanks to my AM workout. 

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