Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Random Musings & Thoughts

This past week I have either been plagued with fatigue or have been fully rested because I was able to say no and let myself sleep in.  As a result of some of the good sleep nights I had some dreams that I remembered.  The best one was this dream I had right before waking up.  I dreamt that I ran the Boston marathon while wearing a powder blue bridesmaid dress.  I didn’t see my shoes, but I certainly hope they were yellow so that I’d be in the Boston colors!  As part of this dream, since I’m a blogger, I was being interviewed for a feature by some journalist (no idea with what agency/company/magazine/whatever) and that for some reason the interview was right before the race started and I was running late.  Then I discovered that I had forgotten my headphones at home and my mom magically appeared after having bought the exact headphones I wanted.

I know I had another dream that I remembered, but now…I cannot recall it.  Wah wah.

My runs this past week were decent.  Nothing exciting or that stands out.  Mostly, I guess I’m just logging miles and heat training.  Heat training builds resilience.  And resilience means that I’ll be a stronger runner and when the temps get cooler, I’ll run even faster!  Especially since I’ve been doing actual speed work!  In the heat!  I’ve also been running on the treadmill and, dare I say, I’m kind of starting to like it!  I took one of my most favorite runfies of myself this past week!

I had my first experience with a thing called “zoatmeal” last week.  You put shredded zucchini in your oatmeal.  As weird as that sounds, it’s really not.  I mean, think about zucchini bread.  It’s basically the same thing, except viscous.  And then you put fruit or nuts or brown sugar or whatever you normally put in your oatmeal in it and enjoy!  I'm also doing this rice, soy sauce, egg, bacon and cheese bake for breakfast this week.

I’m doing the Austin Runners Club’s Distance Challenge this year.  I’ve been waiting for the last 2 races that I haven’t yet registered for to post their dates and open up registration.  Well, the Run for the Water did so earlier this month and then I decided to check and see if the Rogue 30K had at least posted its event date, only to discover that the entire event has been canceled.  That’s really sad.  I wanted to redeem myself on that course after this year’s issues.  Both my own and the fact that the lead cyclists turned when they were supposed to go straight and it ended up adding an extra ½ mile to the course.  But, it also means that there is only 5 races in the distance challenge this season.  So, I supposed that’s a win…one less race that I HAVE to do.  

This past weekend, I went to my friend Amanda's house and she worked on scrapbooking stuff and I worked on a commissioned sewing project.  Before we started our crafting, we went to lunch at Macaroni Grill.  I got the Farmhouse Flatbread Pizza and a Bibb & Bleu salad.  Both were amazing!

I started thinking about how close I am to reaching my first goal of getting down to 160 pounds.  Then I started freaking out a little bit.  I’ve gotten close to my goal weight before, but I don’t know, it was different than this time.  This time I’m pretty sure I will succeed as I have the new medication that is helping me immensely in controlling my eating habits and my sleep habits.  So I’m eating less food and exercising more.  I’m freaking out about hitting my goal because 1) it actually feels real and tangible this time and 2) I’ve NEVER made it to the maintenance phase before.  It’s uncharted territory.  I don’t really know what to do.  So, you’ll get to embark on a whole new adventure with me!  Won’t that be exciting?

Also, even though I’ll be in the maintenance phase, I still have further goals that I want to achieve.  I want to ultimately get down to below 25% body fat, which probably means I’ll be closer to 150.  But, once I’ve hit 160, I plan to start hitting the weights heavier and building more muscle.  I plan to go back to my powerlifting ways.  Heavy weight with fewer reps.  Might even go back to super setting.  I really enjoyed that.

Had a really nice non-scale victory this past week.  A few weeks ago, I ordered some new workout tanks from The Fitness Tee Co.  I love their tanks.  So cute.  Anyway, they arrived on Saturday, so I wore one to the gym that night.  I cut the tag out, threw it away and then put it on and it felt off.  I went to the trash and pulled out the tag.  Small.  What?  So, while the tanks are about an inch shorter than I would prefer them to be, I FIT IN A SMALL!!!  That’s just crazy.  Also, my new, smaller work uniforms are starting to get a little loose.  I should probably take my measurements this Saturday when I do my weigh in.  I am quite curious right now.

Speaking of the gym, I started wearing some full length leggings to the gym and realized I am a “gym bunny.”  Like the lunk girls in the Planet Fitness commercials.  Except I don’t have that vacuous personality.  If someone came up to me to ask for advice or whatever, I’d totally tell them what I know or help them figure it out if I had no clue.  Anyway, yea, so LOOKS wise, I’m a total gym bunny and I like that. 

Stole a hairdo idea from a coworker and I really like it.  I French braided the top center of my hair and then did my normal braided ponytail into a bun.  I have to say, when I just had the French braid on top done and the ponytail in the back (before braiding that too), I felt like the lead female character from the History Channel’s Vikings show.  
I decided this past weekend while at my friend’s house that I want to do my journal like a scrapbook (aka: scrap journaling)!  I think this will make it infinitely more fun and interactive for me.  Also, it’s a great way for me to use all these pictures I take so they’re not just sitting in my phone and I’m not doing anything with them.  In fact, at the gym the other morning, I couldn’t get my tablet to load the sign in on Netflix, so I watched scrap journaling videos instead!

After yesterday’s run, I headed over to Hancock Fabrics (which is going out of business, so everything is on super sale) and snagged some skin colored fabric that I need for my mermaid costume, some blue with white stars fabric that I’ll use for my Wonder Woman pixie costume, some metal bobbins, a 4-pack of scissors and bobbin winders for me and a friend.  I got their LAST 2 bobbin winders!  They were on sale from $35 down to $14!  Woohoo!

I read this one blog and at the end of each month, she posts her favorite food that she ate, favorite run she did and her favorite blog post she posted that she’d like to repeat from that month.  I really like this idea, so I’d like to add it to these posts.  So, without further adieu, here are my favorite foods and favorite workouts from this past week:

favorite food(s): the Farmhouse Flatbread Pizza from Macaroni Grill and the chicken parmesan casserole with the Miracle Noodles.

favorite workouts: Saturday when I was going to run 3 miles on the treadmill but decided I wanted to run more and ran 6 instead. 

Other random stuff from this week...I ordered a clip on LED light that clips onto the bill of a hat or visor and I will be using this for night time runs.  It was only $3 off this app called Wish.  I wasn't expecting much, but it turns out that it's super bright.  I haven't taken it on a test run yet, so I'm not sure it will stay on the bill of my hat super well, so we'll find out.
Something else I ordered and received in the mail this week were these super cute Chinese-style slipper shoes that I absolutely love!
When I went grocery shopping over the weekend at Sprouts, they had a shopping bag that I simply could not resist and had to buy.
While on one of my lunch break walks, I saw a bunch of baby raccoons on the roof of the empty house next to my work's parking garage.
Wore this dress when I went to Amanda's this weekend and thought I was looking especially slim and cute in it.
Other food related this this week are what were supposed to be homemade beef fajitas, but ended up being more like overstuffed soft tacos.  I used pre-cut for stirfry bottom round beef, onions cut into rings, regular low sodium canned black beans mashed with a fork, and then mixed 0% plain Greek yogurt mixed with half a small avocado for guacamole.  They were really good!
And my lunches this week are chicken parmesan casserole served over Miracle Noodles shiratake noodles.  Super yummy!
And I'll end this post with a cute picture of some furry bed bugs.


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