Saturday, June 11, 2016

Weekly Recap

Saturday: there was no exercise beyond hitting 10K+ steps for the day.  I worked overtime on the night shift Friday night and then overtime on my own shift Saturday afternoon/evening.

Sunday: long run time!  I set out for a 10 mile run, even mapped it out on MapMyRun and headed out the door.  I got to mile 5 and was feeling pretty good, so at 5.3, I kept going straight instead of turning right and ran around this neighborhood there, adding 3 miles to my run.  So, you remember a couple weeks ago I was going to run 13.1 but could only finish 10 because of the temp + humidity.  Today, I redeemed myself and instead of the 10 I set out to do, I did 13.1!!!  The sorta bad news is that shortly after mile 11, I tripped over a buckle in the sidewalk and down I went.  Scraped up my knees and it hurt.  Oh did it hurt.  I almost cried.  I did cuss.  But I pulled it together and finished the run.  It’s not the first time I’ve fallen, but it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve fallen and also the first time I’ve ran while wearing a skirt instead of capris, so my knees actually got scraped.
 • Monday: it’s Monday, so it’s time to Cize it up!  Did the 4th Cize workout called “In The Pocket.”  It’s not a favorite.  Also, I started feeling rather ill about 2/3 of the way through the workout but managed to finish after taking some migraine medicine.
Then, I had my therapy appointment at 11, so I did my standard pre- and post-therapy walking.
Tuesday: was going to 1) wait until Wednesday to run but didn’t know if they might need me for overtime last minute Tuesday evening, so I decided to go ahead and run and then 2) I was only going to run 4-5 miles, but then my packet for the Runder the Sea virtual race arrived in the mail on Monday and that was a 6 mile race, so I decided on doing 6 miles.  Then I decided it would be fun to throw in some track work.  Hey, track work is fun to me!  I easy ran the 1.35 miles to the track, then did 10 laps with 100m sprints followed by 2 easy laps, then easy ran the 1.35 miles back home for a total of 6 miles.  the track is apparently not a ¼ mile track.  It’s closer to a 1/3 mile track.
Wednesday: since I went ahead and ran Tuesday, that made Wednesday a gym day.  So I went to the gym and did my 65 minutes on the elliptical followed up by 2 upper and 2 lower body strength training exercises.  For those exercises, I did what I’m calling reverse cable squats (go to a cable machine, load your weigh, then squat while pulling down) and kettlebell swings.  Then I wanted to do some TRX exercises but there was just too many people in that area.  Good thing I have my own TRX-type straps at home!  So I went home and did bicep curls and supine rows with my straps.
Thursday: went for a 4 mile run.  Just ran easy, no time or pace concerns/goals.  I ran hard Tuesday morning, so this was basically a recovery run to stretch my legs.
Friday: I rode my bicycle to and from the gym, 6 miles round trip.  While at the gym, I did my standard 65 minutes on the elliptical and then moved onto my 4 strength training exercises.  This session, I did woodchoppers and low flyes on the cable machine, then I did the leg press and ended with resistance band side steps.  I’m super happy with this workout.  I was thinking I might do a 20-30 minute swim while at the gym, but I decided not to shortly before I headed out.  I also nixed extra cycling around after I got done with the gym portion of this excursion.


I started off the week with absolutely no overtime scheduled and by the end of the week, I ended the week with no overtime picked up.  Oh well, I got my minimum that I like to get when I maxed out my overtime hours last week, so I was okay with not getting any overtime this week, but I still hoped to pick up 1 or 2 shifts.  Sometimes, I just get a week off from the overtime grind.

Last week, I had a pretty awesome weight loss week, losing 4.2 pounds.  Then, come Sunday morning, I had regained a pound.  Now, I’m not saying this because I was worried, because I wasn’t.  I usually go up a little bit on Sundays.  And not because I over indulged or anything like that on Saturday, it just seems that after I lose a good number, that my body needs to bounce back up a little bit for a day or two, but then usually it starts going back down again. 

I forgot to mention it last week, but I started having little urges in the back of my mind, especially when I was bored or time was dragging…always at work.  At home, I’m good.  Urges…urges to just eat, stuff my face.  But the good news is, these are now easily ignored and pushed aside!  Woohoo!  On Sunday, when I ran the 13.1 miles, I was thinking I could get some of that caramel frozen yogurt I love and that I would be 100% okay with having just the serving amount, but immediately decided that I didn’t actually want that, that it was just an urge, and that I wasn’t even hungry.  These are great little victories for me. 

While I was out and about for my run on Sunday, one of the new bands I ordered for my FitBit Blaze arrived and was waiting for me on my doorstep.  I love it!  I’m calling the design like a tattoo style design.  It’s very fitting to me, I think.  The other 2 bands I ordered are coming from China because they won’t be here until the middle of next month.  The other thing that arrived with the new band on Sunday was the extra chargers and screen protectors set I bought.  It came with 2 chargers, one with a standard cord and one with a shorter cord.  So I put the short cord one in the car and the longer cord one in the bedroom.  I messed up with the first screen protector I tried to put on, but nailed it with the second one, so now my blaze has a screen protector!  Then, Wednesday, the bands that were coming from China actually arrived (a month before I was expecting them)!
As you’ll recall, I lost an amazing 4.2 pounds last week.  That’s not from the Saturday previous, however.  I usually bump back up about a pound on Sundays, so I’ve been starting my weight loss week with Sunday’s weigh in.  Of course, I didn’t even realize I was doing that until now.  I’ve been screenshotting my FitBit daily weigh ins and it didn’t even dawn on me that I wasn’t doing my pounds lost from one Saturday to the next like I was before.  So, this week I’ve remedied that and I’ll be telling what I’ve lost since last Saturday, not since Sunday, because I did, in fact, bump up a pound between Saturday and Sunday last weekend.  So, with that, I was at 170.3 pounds last Saturday.  And, without further ado, here are this week’s weigh ins:
Another 2.9 pounds lost?!?!?!  Damn.  I keep expecting things to slow down, but they haven’t.  Since May 1st, I have lost 19.1 pounds.  The breakdown of what I’ve lost each week is:
1st week: 1.9#
2nd week: 5.3#
3rd week: 1.5#
4th week: 3.3#
5th week: 3.2# (even though I mistakenly put last week that it was 4.2)
6th week: 2.9#
I seriously could not be happier with these numbers.  I am confident that I will reach the maintenance phase of this journey that I started 6 years ago and that I will reach it soon.  Just 7.4 pounds to go until I hit that goal weight of 160.  If things keep going the way they’ve been, then I wholeheartedly believe I will be at goal within the next 4 weeks.  Definitely by the end of July.

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