Sunday, July 3, 2016

July Goals

IT’S July ALREADY!!!  What the what?  How did this happen???  Anyway, it’s that time to review how I did with my goals in June and lay out what my goals for July are.  For June, we had:

• lose some more weight…get down to 170 – GIANT SUCCESS!  I’m well down into the 160’s now.  Almost to my goal weight!
• continue to strength train twice a week, 2 exercises each upper and lower body – SUCCESS!  I get to the gym 2-3 times a week and get my 2 upper and 2 lower or 2-4 core exercises done and I’m really loving it and seeing some definition in my muscles!
• work on conquering the treadmill and use my new 90 Treadmill Workouts book – HALF SUCCESS.  I haven’t used any of the workouts from the book, but I have hit the ‘mill a few times and it’s not so bad so long as I don’t set the speed too fast.
• try doing some runs after work – FAIL.  Just haven’t made it to run after work.  It’s been decent in the mornings, so not really necessary at this point.
• continue to limit “treat” foods – GIANT SUCCESS!  I also tracked everything I put in my body down to single pieces of sugar free candy.  Super proud of myself.
• hit 10K+ steps every day – SUCCESS!
• cycle long (10+ miles) once a week when possible, try to cycle to and from the gym and for local errands (if the situation allows) – PARTIAL SUCCESS.  I think I cycled more than 10 miles on one occasion.  Only cycled twice total.
• maybe add the occasional swim to my workouts, once a week if possible – FAIL.  No swims at all in June.

Overall, I’d say I did pretty fantastic in achieving what I set out for myself to do in June.  The things I failed to do at all or failed to do fully really weren’t that big of a deal.  And, now, let’s check out what I want to accomplish in July!

• run at least 90 miles (B goal of at least 80)
• hit my goal weight of 160 and then switch to working toward a new goal of hitting 23% body fat (per my FitBit Aria smart scale estimate)
• continue to strength train at least twice a week, doing 3 upper & 3 lower body exercises or 2-4 core exercises
• continue to hit the treadmill for tempo runs and maybe do a workout or two from the book
• if the morning summer conditions get unbearable, do some runs after work
• continue to limit “treat” foods and track everything I put in my body
• hit 10K+ steps a day
• cycle and swim at least twice each

These are pretty much the same goals as June, with a few tweaks and adjustments due to progress made.

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