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Random Musings & Thoughts 7/13/16

Remember last week when I said that the protein pancakes gave me some serious gas?  Well, I’m not sure that ALL of the gas was due to that.  See, I also got some IBS issues on Monday and for the remainder of the week.  I’m thinking I was actually a little sick.  I mean, not throwing up, or having a fever, or anything like that kind of sick.  Just the something’s out of whack with my bodily systems sick.  You know?  But, I did get the Beano anyway and did my best to remember to take it prior to eating my protein pancakes because I’m sure they had at least something to do with the gas part.  And it helped…but didn’t completely get rid of it.

Speaking of the protein pancakes, I went and bought some better quality protein powder.  It’s still not super pricey stuff.  30 for a tub of it.  But 52g of protein per serving!  That’s like twice what the stuff I’ve been using has in it.  Used it in this week’s pumpkin protein pancakes!  I had toyed with finding a salted caramel protein powder to use in the pumpkin pancakes, but opted for just plain ol’ vanilla.  I toyed with the idea of buying a waffle maker to make protein waffles instead of pancakes.  I’ve always wanted a waffle maker.  And really, waffles, with their little pockets would make using syrup so much neater!

From Monday to Tuesday last week, I was awake for about 27 hours and then only got 2 hours of sleep.  It was horrible.  But somehow I made it through work Tuesday evening and then slept for almost 7 solid hours!

I was supposed to have a therapy appointment last Wednesday, but apparently my therapist forgot because I showed up and the door was locked and the lights were off.  I called and left a message for him.  At first I was like, this is fine, I can go to the store and get gas now instead of waiting until the last minute on both.  But then, the more I thought about it, the more annoyed and kind of pissed off about it.  In his office, he’s got a sign that says that it’s disrespectful to not only him but to yourself if you cancel your appointment with little or no notice.  So, what is it if he just plain doesn’t show up for our appointment and doesn’t call me or answer his phone when I call him?  Yea.  So I was a bit miffed.  I mean, I did get some grocery shopping done I needed to get done and I didn’t have to change into my work uniform in my car in the parking garage, so those are definite pluses to that situation, but it was still highly inconvenient.  First, I could have slept in another 30 minutes.  Second, I could have run for 6 instead of 3 miles on the treadmill AND I could have done some or any at all strength training.  And third, I wouldn’t have wasted time and gas driving downtown for an appointment that apparently wasn’t happening.  But, it is what it is, right?  Anyway, we rescheduled my therapy appointment for this Monday. 

I’m not entirely sure if I even want to keep seeing a therapist, really.  I’m doing fantastic with the new medication and my daily journaling.  And now I’m going to be having double the fun with my journal by scrap journaling select journal entries.  I’ve just making a point to self-express as much as possible.  I’ve just been feeling generally more balanced and within what I would consider “normal” range, personality-wise.  Also, I’ve had people tell me that I’ve calmed down a lot and that I seem to have grown up.  I like these kinds of compliments.

Some pretty seriously awesome news…last Thursday, I HIT MY GOAL WEIGHT!  In fact, I beat it.  Thursday when I weighed in, the scale said 159.3!!!  So, I got a nifty little digital badge from FitBit for hitting my goal weight and next to my most current weigh in on the FitBit app dashboard, it says “WOOHOO!  Goal weight met!”  I really like that.  I knew I’d be back up a little when I weighed in on Friday, but it wasn’t as bad as I was thinking it might be.  Just up to 160.1.  I can live with that.  By Saturday, I was down to 158.3!  So, on one hand, I’m now in maintenance phase as I’ve hit my goal weight.  HOWEVER, on the OTHER hand, I’m now switching gears.  I want to get my body fat down to 25% or less.  That will probably involve me losing another 5 or so pounds.  And, while losing more weight is no longer the goal, if it happens, then it happens.  But, the PLAN right now is to maintain until the end of the month.  At that point, I will work on revamping my workout plans.  I want to go back to my powerlifting ways.  So I want to find a book on that so that I do it properly so I a) get the best results and b) don’t hurt myself.  I really wish I could afford the personal training sessions at my gym right now.  I dunno, maybe I’ll figure out a way to afford them.  I just know the way I strength train needs to change.  I also might be trying “carb cycling” for anywhere from 1-3 months (of course, taking my longer runs into consideration when making my carb cycling schedule…so I’m properly fueled for them, of course.

I started working in an assignment at work for my overtime shifts called building 6 (B6 from now on).  I get off work at 7am instead of 6, which pretty much sucks.  Buuuuuuut, the shift is SUPER beyond easy and I can totally get 10,000+ steps between midnight and by the time I get to my car after work around 7.  Which means I can sleep about 20 minutes later and leave for my regular shift a little later because, well, I don’t NEED to walk around the parking garage before work trying to get my 10K for the day in.

We had yet another spread for yet another person leaving our shift and going elsewhere.  I brought a lemon meringue and a banana crème pie and some homemade guacamole.  This was my first time EVER making guacamole and I have to say, it turned out really good.  Everyone who had some loved it!  I had some of my guacamole with 9 parmesan pita chips (that’s the serving size), an extremely small piece of the spiced rum pineapple upside down cake, a ½ cup of pork discada (omg, this stuff is amazing!!!), and 2 fried chicken legs.  I also had about 1 cup each of watermelon and cantaloupe.  On my way to my second shift of the night, I was craving a salad so I stopped at Wendy’s and got another one of those delicious summer berry chicken salads, half size as I wasn’t super hungry and the half size is more than enough.  Oh and for breakfast I had a ½ slice each of both the pies that I bought.
Saturday, since I worked overtime Friday night, I got up around noon, took a quick shower…mainly because I needed to shave.  Ha!  Then Heather came over.  We went to downtown Austin and went to Lavazza for some Nutella espresso, then walked down Congress Ave to Burro Cheese Kitchen’s trailer and had us some gourmet grilled cheese sammiches!  Mmmmm!  Then, we went to Michael’s so I could use some coupons I had for some crafting stuff for my scrapbook-style journal I’m starting.  Then some grocery shopping and then back to my place.

espresso nocchialato (Nutella)
with Heather @ Burro Cheese Kitchen
the Burning Mac + bacon
One day last week, I was leaving to go to work and I looked down the way in my apartment complex parking lot and there was a nice black 4x4 truck…up on blocks.  SERIOUSLY!?!?!?  I live in a “luxury” apartment complex, people.  And someone is stealing wheels?!?!  What the actual eff, yo?  I mean, I suppose it’s possible that the owner did it, but really?  Who puts their entire vehicle up on blocks and they aren’t stealing the wheels?  I’m so done with this apartment complex.  So done.  The second I can afford deposit and movers, I’m out.  There’s a quieter community another 15-20 minutes up the road from me with a lower tax base, so I can probably get a bigger apartment for about the same as I’m paying now, maybe a smidge more AND I’ll be in a safer area.  I just can’t believe this.  Also, there’s a really nice running trail in this other community.  I have my priorities.

On Friday, I decided that I wanted to run and strength train.  Normally, that would mean a treadmill run.  However, I really wanted to run outside, so instead of the treadmill, I ran the 3 miles to the gym, did my workout, then ran back home.  While at the gym I took a picture of myself while doing supine rows on the TRX straps.  Dude, my legs!  They’re all kickass looking!  Also, when I was doing the cable forward kicks and kickbacks, I noticed my quads were popping big time!  Dang!  The only thing keeping the muscles from showing definition is the thicker than I’d like layer of body fat still on me.  But that will be fixed soon enough.

On Saturday, after Heather went home, I went to go to the gym and stopped at Ross on the way (wanted to see if i could find some fancy body wash for cheap).  Didn't find what I went there for, BUT I found some awesome bluetooth earbuds, a tank top and some sweat capris I couldn't lie without.

 I went for a night time run last night and it was awesome! 
Did a face comparison on TimeHop too!

And now for a random picture of Oliver in a box.

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