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Random Musings & Thoughts 7/20/16

Last Wednesday, I had gotten a message from a friend about making arrangements to go and get some knitting needles from her.  I’ve been wanting to pick knitting back up and wanted to get some different size needles and then learn how to follow patterns and things so I can make things other than plain scarves and blankets.  Something nice and relaxing to do on the weekends, you know?  Anyway, I noticed that there was 1 message request so I clicked on it.  A lady in my apt complex had messaged asking if I lived in our complex and if so, she had a package of mine.  She was home and we made arrangements to meet in front of my building so she could get me the package.  It was my Fabletics order.  They cut off the last number of my apt # so next time I order, I have to make sure to fix that so it doesn’t happen again.

When I Heather and I had our girls’ afternoon Saturday before last, she brought me some Younique face wash and rose water spray (she sells Younique).  I’ve been wanting to get a new face wash as the one I’ve been using is older and seems to have been discontinued as I can’t find it at the store.  Also, since I’ve lost so much weight, my face is a little saggy and has lost it’s luster, so I’ve been wanting to get a good quality face wash to help firm up and clarify my skin.  She suggested getting one of those rotary face brushes too.  So, while we were out and about, we stopped at Bed, Bath & Beyond because they had just put one in their ad for $20 and included a $5 off a $15+ purchase.  Perfect!  I’ve been using it since that Saturday night and I have to say, my skin is so soft.  I also got a facial moisturizer from her that is also by Younique.  She may have just scored herself a customer!

Last Tuesday, the 12th, marked just 4 months until my first marathon of the 2016-2017 season: the South Padre Island Marathon!  What does that mean?  It means I’m now OFFICIALLY in marathon training!  WOO!  And I’m off to a bang up start!  Last week, I did a little mini-streak.  I don’t believe that doing an actual running streak is a good idea for me.  If I run more than 4 days in any given 7 day period on a regular basis, I tend to get injured.  However, last week I was apparently deficient in vitamin-run.  Haha!  I seriously could not get enough running.  But, I didn’t run on Saturday, so that ended my little streak.  But still 6 days in a row of running!  Also, there was night running…on 2 occasions!  By the end of the 6 days, my left IT band was wonky and making my knee hurt.  But, it’s not like I’m going to be running like that on a regular basis.  That was a one off…a one and done. 

On payday, I got a little crazy with the online/app bargain shopping.  I didn’t spend boatloads of money, but I got boatloads worth of stuff!  I got 4 pairs of leggings, 5 different colored bands for my Fitbit, a rose gold toned frame for my Fitbit, and a reflective LED suspender/belt/vest thing to wear when I run at night.  A few things I bought were a little pricier, but were completely planned purchases.  I bought a new vacuum (a Shark Navigator Lift Away) and some more INKnBURN!!!  I just can’t get enough of the INKnBURN!  And now I’ve gotten Heather hooked on it too! 

Another thing I bought myself was a daily planner!  I tried using one at the beginning of the year, even talked my friend into getting me one for Christmas.  But it was just. so. plain.  Blah!  I couldn’t get inspired to do anything at all with it, so I lost all interest in it pretty quickly.  Like, within a week.  This new one is very pretty and just makes me want to pick it up and write things in it!  It’s bigger and just feels more interactive, if that makes sense.  I’m writing calendar type entries on the calendar pages (appointments, overtime shifts at work, birthdays, etc) and then on the daily notes pages following the calendar pages, I am logging my workouts, runs, swims and how many steps I took that day.  OH!  And on the calendar pages, in the bottom left corner of each day, I’m jotting down what my weight was that morning.  I’m also getting myself in the habit of toting around with me everywhere I go.  Since I can’t have my cellphone with me at work, this will be quite handy when signing up for overtime and knowing when I have appointments so I don’t have to either cancel overtime or reschedule any appointments.
the pretty cover
the calendar pages
logging my workouts
This week in food…drumroll…I made a new variety of protein waffles!  I love my waffle maker!  This week’s waffles were vanilla spiked protein waffles with fresh blueberries mixed in.  For lunches, I made a recipe from the Fast Metabolism Diet cookbook.  I made the chicken sausage bowl recipe (I doubled the sausage, mushroom and sweet potato content and then subbed quinoa for rice and only used 2 cups instead of 3).  I will try soon to put up a post with some of my favorite recipes and recipe adaptations.  Probably while I’m on vacation next week or the week after.  Then for snacks, I got some Tyson frozen chicken tenders.  And for dinners, I had the Nature Valley Almond Butter biscuit sandwiches.
Speaking of my food, I’m really digging the new protein powder I bought.  No toots, no loose stool, no strong protein powder odor or taste when I heat up the waffles to eat them in the mornings.  Love it.  However, I might try bumping it up to an even higher quality whey protein when this one runs out.  If you’re interested, this time around I got the Monster Milk powder vanilla flavor.  It’s got like a crazy 52g of protein per serving, which is pretty much why I chose it. 

While I was working overtime at work Sunday night, the supervisor for the area where I was doing my overtime sent out an email with all the available overtime shifts between August 14th and September 10th.  I signed up for 12 shifts during that time.  AKA: I maxed out!  We’re allowed to work 24 hours of overtime per calendar week.  Each shift is 8 hours.  My checks are going to look mighty nice!  I’ll hopefully remember to put at least half of that money toward paying things off.  There are a few splurgey purchases I want to make…like a new Garmin.  I want the 910…in red and white.  And a few new pairs of running shoes too.  I’ve retired so many pairs lately because I either didn’t like them for one reason or another or because their mileage was high.  Also, it was really, really nice to have my new day planner with me so I was able to sign up for all those shifts of overtime without any reservations or fears!

In Oregon, there’s this amazing milk, cheese, ice cream company called Tillamook.  Nothing compares.  Nothing.  That said, in Texas, there is Blue Bell.  Arguably, it’s pretty good, maybe even great.  However, it is not the epicness that Tillamook is…to me, anyway.  Texans swear by it.  Hell, they probably even name their children after it.  “And this is our youngest, Moolennium Crunch Jones.”  That being said, they do have a pretty amazing flavor selection and this past week they added to that with the addition of the Cookie Two Step!  It has cookies & cream and cookie dough ice creams mixed together.  I wanted to buy just a pint, but they only had it in half gallon size.  A serving is ½ cup.  I was able to eat just ¼ cup and that was fine!  It was delicious, but I didn’t finish it and say “man I wanna binge on that right now!” 
I reached my all-time lowest recorded weight that I can recall being at since high school this past week!  And I had my aha moment picture come up in my TimeHop the other day, so I did the Then/Now option and posted it.  Wow, the difference 103 pounds makes.  I am tooting my own horn here, but I think I’ve earned the right to do so, but hot damn I look amazing!  My aha moment picture was taken by a friend and the “Now” picture was taken by me, in the mirror, so it was the opposite side of my body.  Well, some hater commented on the picture that it was funny how all my tattoos were different.  Then followed that up with an “lol.”  Please, don’t try to play off your barely veiled accusation that the fat girl (I know, I know, it’s not nice to refer to myself as fat, but that’s way nicer than what I called myself when I first saw that picture after my friend took it) in the picture isn’t me, because it is.  But, they were the only one that said anything like that.  It didn’t really get to me because I know that person is just a troll and trying to get a rise out of me.  And, of course, one of the ladies that fully supports me came to my defense and was totally awesome!
love this suit even more now!
this is the one that caused the controversy for one troll

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