Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Let's Get Random!

Had my second Real Appeal webchat group session last Wednesday.  They talked a lot about kids and how they impact your goals and achieving them, so I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to what they were talking about.  Instead, I made new banners for my blog posts!  Ha!  I did learn something new, but now I can’t for the life of me recall what it was.  Ugh.  I need to start taking notes during these sessions.

Speaking of the Real Appeal program, I received my success kit in the mail Friday while I was at work, so I went to the office Saturday after I woke up and picked it up.  I love everything in it, even the stuff I won’t use…which really is just the pedometer because I have my FitBit.  And the portion plate, I’ll use to eat, but not for portioning purposes as the way I break down my macros is different than it recommends.  I am have already put the food scale and body scale to use.  I have my FitBit Aria smart scale that I use every day and that is what records my weight on my trackers for my official weigh ins.  I am using the RA body scale for auxiliary weigh ins.  Like before and after a run to determine my hydration status.  And I’ve been curious about weight gain as the day progresses.  I know it’s perfectly normal to retain water and such throughout the day, so I wanted to see what that looked like.  I don’t get frustrated as the scale goes up over the course of the day, so I don’t think it’s an unhealthy thing.  And I don’t do it every day either.  I have also already used the measuring cups and spoons when I did my meal prep on Sunday.  I have 4 sets of measuring cups…well, actually 5, but one set I don’t use because it’s more decorative and I don’t want to chance breaking them…anyway, since I’m lazy about dishes, the more sets I have the more…well, honestly, probably the more lazy I will be about washing dishes, but whatever.  Haha.

There was also a resistance band, which I think I’ll put in my work bag so I can do some resistance exercises when I work the night shifts on top of the rowing I do on my break while I’m there.  I’m also looking forward to using the single serve smoothie/shake blender at some point.  That’ll probably be a weekend thing…blend up a PB, banana, cashew milk and protein powder shake…mmm!  There are workout DVDs and I KNOW I’ll get some use out of the ab workout ones at the very least.

Some of my INKnBURN items arrived this week…specifically the red robot and the dahlia kit.  I love them all.  I’m a little frustrated because at the time I am writing this, my medieval capris have not shipped yet and yet so many people are posting how not only have theirs shipped, but some have actually already received them.  Ugh!

I discovered my absolute FAVORITE Chobani Flip flavor: Mango Passion Power!  It’s perfect.  However, it’s apparently a limited production, which makes me sad.  So this weekend I went and bought like 8 containers of it.  I’ll go back this weekend and buy some more.  Haha.  The apple crisp one is pretty dang good too, but the store I went to this weekend didn’t have that flavor.  Wah wah.

I seriously need a massage.  I have so much pain in my back and neck.  The muscles are just so tight and knotted up.  I can afford one after my mid-month paycheck.

Not sure I should be talking about this in a public forum, but we have an environmental issue at work and they blocked off that section so now we can no longer access the locker room, which means I had to take all my stuff that was in my locker home.  And now I have to carry all my coffee supplies in my work bag instead of just leaving them at work.  Not a huge deal, they don’t take up THAT much room.  But, that means no more ninja turtle mug at work because I’m not going to carry that around in my bag and risk hitting it on a door frame and breaking it.  So I’ll just put the 32 oz travel mug I bought at a truck stop while on vacation in April in my bag and use that instead.

I managed to snag a bunch of overtime for the next schedule cycle.  YAY!  I have 3 shifts 2 weeks and 2 shifts the other 2 weeks, with hopes of picking up one more shift the weeks I only have 2 last minute.

I’ve decided when I close out each month in my scrap journal that I will do 1 page that chronicles my run stats for the month and, this one will be fun, my favorite selfies from the month on the other.

I went over the weekend to JC Penney’s because they were having a huge sale and I wanted to snag a few pairs of leggings for super cheap ($4 a pair…these are usually $20 each!  Huge deal!).  And guess what!  I WEAR A SMALL in leggings!!!  Regular ones AND workout ones!  How exciting is that?!?!?!

I’ve had some really great runs lately and as a result I’ve revamped my finish time goals for running races!  I know…exciting stuff!  So, let me lay it on ya!  I’m just gonna make a list of it:
5K – 7:24 pace for 23:00 finish
10K – 8:03 pace for 50:00 finish
10 mile – 8:42 pace for 1:25:00 finish
Half marathon – 9:33 for a 2:05:00 finish
Marathon – 9:55 for a 4:20:00 finish 

So, I want to make a little PSA here…to read your food labels BEFORE you eat the food.  Read them in their entirety!  Seriously.  I eat a fair amount of sugar free candies because they’re low in calories, they satisfy that sweet tooth and they’re great for distracting myself.  I usually prefer the hard candies because I can suck on them and they last for a good while before disappearing.  Therefore, more satisfying in my opinion.  Well, I discovered some of those Brach’s sugar free jelly fruit slices.  You know the ones.  They’re most commonly found as orange slices…but there are other flavors.  So, the sugar free ones are individually wrapped within the packaging.  The serving size is 3 jelly fruit slices.  So I ate 3 jelly fruit slices.  About an hour or 2 later I started having cramps.  We had been talking about people we know being gluten sensitive and how me and another girl had been fat, both lost a bunch of weight and how our digestive tracts work way differently than they used to and we’re all sensitive to foods we weren’t sensitive to before.  So, I was thinking, maybe I was having a reaction to gluten as I know it’s sometimes an ingredient in candy.  I found no gluten.  What I did find was a little warning under the ingredients list that stated “may cause stomach discomfort/laxative effect.”  Read a little further and you discover that they recommend that if you’ve never eaten this candy before to eat NO MORE than 1/4th of a serving.  That’s LESS THAN 1 of the jelly fruit slices, folks.  I ate 3 whole ones.  Uh oh.  Let’s just say I was quite amazed when I only registered a .3# loss on the scale the following day.  Haha!

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