Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Marathon Training Week #4

Tuesday: cross training cardio day at the gym.

Wednesday: 5 mile run at night.  Just an out-and-back route, nothing special.  Felt pretty good during the whole run.  Still figuring out my new Garmin.  Don’t have the setting where I want them yet.
Thursday: hit the treadmill for 3.5 miles, felt really good during this run and did a fast finish.  I think I had the pace down to 9 min/mi at the very end.  Overall pace was 10:51.

Friday: another cross training day at the gym.

Saturday: ran a night time trail half marathon.  Wow.  If you’ve never run a trail run, I highly recommend it.  They will make you reevaluate everything you ever thought about running, plus they’re fun and, for me at least, less stressful because I don’t give a hoot about pace…even more so because this was a night run.  But, trail runs a definitely a great way to mix things up and use different muscles than you usually do and also to use your regular muscles in different ways.

i included my FitBit stats b/c the Garmin had issues with the zigzagging of the course
Sunday: a seriously and much needed rest day after a very challenging and technical trail half marathon. 

Monday: 4 mile, easy paced recovery run as I was still fairly sore this day.


And that’s week #4!  So, as was kindly pointed out to me by my awesome runner friend, Carina, on last week’s marathon training notes post that a tempo run should be faster than your goal race pace by one or two races’ goal pace.  Not sure that makes sense, so let me say it a different way.  I said that I was doing a tempo run by running at my marathon goal pace.  However, a tempo run for marathon training should be more like at a half marathon pace or even a 10k pace.  Right now, I think if I was running outside in the heat and sun at my marathon goal pace, I think that I could kinda sorta maybe possibly get away with called that a tempo run, but that run was on the treadmill, so yea.  Doesn’t count.  My bad. 

Overall, a pretty solid week of training, in my opinion.  I’m working a lot of overtime over the next 4 weeks (at least), so I have to make sure the runs that I do get to do count.  So, there will be speed work once a week for sure.  I did completely slack off with my strength training and that’s a no-no.  Strength training is very important for staying injury free.  Plus, I do enjoy it. 

After the 4th try, I FINALLY got my Garmin 920 data display screens set up the way I like them.  4th time’s the charm?  Hahaha!  I still love the 920 way more than the 310.  Hopefully I’ll get a review up by the end of next week, so stay tuned for that.

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