Friday, August 19, 2016

Marathon Training Week #5

Sorry I’m posting this WAY late this week.  I completely spaced on Tuesday and then I posted my Random Musings on Wednesday and didn’t feel like posting twice in one day, so that meant this got moved to today and being a super late post.

Tuesday: 5 tready miles, slow and steady.  Took me 61 minutes to complete it.  still recovering from the night trail half most likely.  Had a 12:17 pace.

Wednesday: rest day, worked overtime Tuesday night.

Thursday: there wasn’t going to be a workout at all this day as I worked overtime again Wednesday night but I was itching to do something, so I went to the gym after work and hit the tready.  Was going to do 3 miles, but my earphones started dying, so I bumped the pace all the way up to 7 mph the last .3 miles and finished out 2.5 miles at an average 10:32 pace.  Also used my new Garmin on the treadmill and it was almost dead on with what the treadmill said.

Friday: cross training on the stairclimber and the elliptical.

Saturday: ran a cross country style almost half marathon.  I loved that the terrain was off road, even if it wasn’t trail running.  I do enjoy cross country running as well.  A nice, overall average pace of 11:02.  Really good pacing considering the terrain.

Sunday: met up with a bunch of people off social media for a social shirtless run.  The group run was only about 1.5 miles and I did that around an 11:00 pace, then I ran another about 6 miles with a lady that is much faster than me and we ran close to a 10:00 pace for the majority of that last 6 miles.  It wasn’t actually too fast for me, but it’s definitely faster than I would have ran had I run those miles solo.

Monday: just a tready run with some strength training.  Knocked out 4 miles on the tready at an 11:34 average pace.
not sure if the treadmill or my Garmin was off here


And that’s week #5!  Another great week in my opinion.  As always, things can be better or improved or added to the mix.  For instance, I didn’t do any speedwork this week.  I really need to make sure that I do that.  And I really want to do it on Mondays.  Why?  Because I do my long runs on Sunday and if I do my speedwork on Monday, then my legs are tired from running long on Sunday so then they’ll be trained to run fast when they’re tired.  So, I definitely need to get on the ball with my speed training.

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