Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Random Musings & Thoughts

I’m still losing weight even if it has slowed down, which may or may not be due to me getting only about half the amount of protein recommended to me by my calorie allowance I set for myself on My Fitness Pal.  So, I’ve vowed to find ways to get more protein worked into my diet.  While I have adjusted my goal weight to be 145, I will not be heartbroken if it doesn’t happen.  I had a friend tell me when I told her I was down to 155-ish that I just had 20 pounds to go and I’d be good.  I was like, I don’t want to get to 135.  But after some thought, I figured, I’m trying for 145.  I know how to do weight LOSS, so if I just keep doing what I’m doing, then maybe I will get to 135…who knows?  So, I’m not eliminating 135 as a possibility, but I’m not going to ACTIVELY try for it, you know?  But it would be fantastic to be back to my freshman in high school weight, don’t you agree?  But yea, I want to be healthy and happy and I want whatever I end up at to be MAINTAINABLE.  That is most important.  If I do manage to get to 135 and it’s too much of a struggle for me to maintain it, then I’ll not have a cow about letting myself gain a little tiny bit back. 

Anyway, wow, tangent there. 

This past week, the fire department came to inspect the crawl space in my closet since I’m on the top floor of the building.  Joy joy.  Of COURSE they scheduled it for a day where I worked from 2pm the day before until 7am that morning.  And there was a craft-splosion going on in my apartment that desperately needed to be organized.  So, I couldn’t even go to bed right when I got home.  I had to gather everything up and make it neat and hide dirty dishes in the dishwasher and hide other things behind tables and the loveseat.  Yea, hot mess.  Then I ran the vacuum over the floor real quick and then instead of sleeping in my bed, I slept on the couch.  Why?  Because 1) they were supposed to set off the fire alarms to test to make sure they were working properly and the alarm speaker is in my bedroom…it went off once while I was sleeping and scared the begeezuz out of me, and 2) if they came and knocked on my door while I was sleeping I wanted to make sure that I heard them and could let them in so I didn’t get a nasty gram on my door and potentially a lease violation for not letting the fire department inspect my crawl space.

I found out at my dentist appointment on Friday that I have GINGIVITIS.  Joy of all joys that can be had in life.  Not.  The hygienist recommended a few things.  First, a Sonic Care toothbrush, any of them would do just fine.  Brush after all meals.  And use the little bristle toothpick thingies.  Well, the little bristle thingies don’t fit between my teeth and when I try to make them, they bend and I get frustrated.  So I bought the toothpick thingies that have a little strand of floss on them instead.  I love my Sonicare toothbrush.  Not to bad mouth the Oral B SpinBrush, but it just wasn’t doing it for me anymore anyway.  Hasn’t for a while and I’ve been really wanting a Sonic Care brush, but like the waffle maker I was hesitant.  Not sure why with the toothbrush I was being hesitant, but I was.  I have been using a manual toothbrush while at work for after meals, but I think I want to get a second electric toothbrush.  Not sure if I’ll just grab a second Sonicare or not.  I can pick up the cheap one for $30, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t just do that.  The manual brush just plain sucks.
I went down to San Antonio a couple times.  The first was Friday evening in an attempt to pick up my race packet for the Dragon’s Den half marathon, but thanks to Austin traffic I missed that by almost an hour.  But, I was meeting my friend Jen for dinner at a food truck, so it’s not like it was a wasted trip.  We ate at a truck called The Fridge.  I got their burger that has thick cut bacon, gouda cheese and then I added avocado.  Mmm-mmm-mmm!  After the burger, we went across the street to The House, Boozy Ice Cream & Brews for ice cream.  I got the cookie monster and she got an bourbon vanilla with sprinkles.

The next morning, I woke up at 3am so I could be at the race site by 5:30 so I could get good parking and pick up my packet easily and quickly.  Success!  (stay tuned in the next couple/few weeks for my race recap…along with a few others I still owe you…oops)  The race was great and not what I was expecting, terrain-wise.  I had a lot of fun.  I messaged Jen to let her know I was done, was drinking my free beer (which I only got to drink half of because it started raining and I didn’t feel like standing in the rain), and she let me know she had come down with some sickness overnight and wouldn’t be able to meet me for brunch and knitting instructional.  So, I went to Tuesday Morning down the road from the restaurant, bought some scrappybook schtuff, then went to the restaurant, called Folc.  I had yet another burger (I do love my burgers!).  This one had ground brisket for the patty, a nice fat chunk of pork belly, a fried egg and special Folc sauce.  Not sure what was in the sauce was it was amazeballs.  There was also delicious little red potatoes instead of fries because, well, I was eating a $20 burger and $20 burgers simply do not come with “fries” (said with disdain…haha).
There was some shocking and saddening news in my former mentor/instructor’s death.  The medical examiner ruled the death a suicide.  There was a lot going on in his life that no one knew about.  So sad that he felt he couldn’t reach out to anyone.  Makes me want to get that semi-colon tattoo even more now.  So, even though I was thinking of getting a little funky armadillo tattooed on me next, I just might get a semi-colon tattoo that is paired with an infinity with an anchor on it and has the phrase “I refuse to sink” on it.  I have a spot on my forearm to put it too.
Sunday, I met up with a bunch of people (mostly ladies) from social media to do a shirtless/sports bra run.  The group run was only about 1.5 miles and I wanted to definitely run more than just 1.5 miles and so did another lady, Staci.  So Staci and I ran another 6-ish miles together.  She runs faster than my regular pace so we were clipping along at an almost 10:00 pace.  I was still able to hold conversation and my legs felt great, so I just went with it.  But Monday’s 4 miles on the treadmill were almost a slog, just without the sluggish feeling, if that makes sense.  My legs were spent from the day before.

Sunday after the shirtless run, I was going to stop at Burger King and get one of their sausage, egg & cheese croissant sammiches, but at the last second, I decided I would go home, pour the last of the cornflakes (1.5 cups) into a bowl, then mix up a chocolate protein shake and mix it all together.  That was fantastic.  About the same amount of calories as the sammich, but way more food, way healthier and way more filling.  Then I watched the Olympic women’s marathon finals.  Then, I finally managed to motivate myself and got the white person skin tone bikini top for my mermaid costume all sewn up!  YAY!  Just need to give the shells one more coat of the glittery purple spray paint and then hand sew those on and that part of the costume will be done! 

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