Thursday, September 29, 2016

Marathon Training week #11

Tuesday: worked overtime Monday night, so no running or cross training.

Wednesday: logged 8 miles easy paced.  My pace did slow toward the end, but it was pretty warm for the last day of summer before the official start of fall, and as we all know, pace slows when temperatures rise.  It was a good run overall, though.
Thursday: worked overtime Wednesday night, so no running or cross training.

Friday: I was “tentatively” going to run 8 miles.  By that I mean I wasn’t sure I wanted to run 8 and was thinking I’d just run 6.  However, when I woke up, I checked my phone and had some very disappointing news from a guy I’d been talking to and then was rather upset and decided that 6 miles definitely wasn’t going to be enough and neither was the original 8.  So I ran 10.  Frankly, it still wasn’t enough, but it did help, even if only a little bit.  The run was nice and smooth and because my mind was so preoccupied, it just flew by. 

Saturday: again with the working of overtime the night before.  This is going to be a constant for a while, just so you know.

Sunday: I yet again had a long run AND a 5k race scheduled, so I did what I did last week and got up SUPER early and headed to the race site and knocked out 11 miles before the race started.  It was going to be 13.1 but I checked Facebook while I was running and another friend that was also running the 5k had posted they were on site and waiting for the 8am start.  I tried bringing up the website to double check but I couldn’t get the right page to load, so I cut it short at 11.  Yea, it didn’t start until 8:30.  Oh well.  I ran the 11 within my new long run average pace window (10:15-10:45), but on the slower end of it.  Then I ran the 5k at a 9:04 average pace with the final .14 of a mile being at a 6:45 pace!!!  WHOA!  I really don’t think I could hold that pace for more than a quarter mile, TOPS, but it’s still amazing that I was able to go that fast after running 14 miles!  Very happy with all of my running this morning.  I was going to run another 4 miles when I got home like I did last week, but decided to just make this a cutback week, you know, since I decided that I was doing cutback weeks this training cycle, so, you know, maybe I should actually do them. 

Monday: unlike last week, I wasn’t sore after my long run/5k combo the day before, but still logged a shakeout run at an easy pace.  Was originally thinking I’d do my 5 miles with 1 mile of 50m sprints in the middle but was having some inflammation in my joints from splurge eating on Sunday, so I just opted for the easy shakeout run instead. 


I ran fairly easy all week, no actual speed work, though I do count that 10kGP 5k on Sunday as a fast finish for my long run, so that sorta counts as speed work, right?  I think so.  But no sprints or tempo runs.  But, this was a cutback week, so on top of dialing back the distance of my long run by a few miles, I also dialed back on the overall average speeds of my runs and ran easy.  I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t really on purpose, but it worked out that way and that’s what I’m calling it.  HA!  I’m sure someone will let me know if my thinking on this is actually correct or not.  I’m curious to know if it is, but apparently not curious enough to google it myself.  I do need to get back on the speed work wagon, though.  I have said before that I do enjoy it quite a lot, so I’m not sure why I slack on it sometimes.  Things like tempo runs are a challenge for me, especially if I’m doing my best to keep those faster tempo miles within a 5 second spread.  Love doing that!

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