Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Marathon Training Week #8

Tuesday: rest day. 

Wednesday: 3 miles on the tready.  Was planning to do 4 but seriously wasn’t feeling the treadmill.  Should have run outside.

Thursday: another rest day.  However, I did do 2000 meters on the row machine on my overnight overtime shift…I don’t remember the time I rowed it in, though.  I really need to write that down.

Friday: 6 easy miles.  Started feeling a little sick to my stomach around mile 2 and by mile 4 I was afraid I was going to actually throw up.  Managed to make it without throwing up.  Run was pretty solid, so it’s all good.

Saturday: just walking.

Sunday: LONG RUN DAY!  Last week was a cutback week so this week I picked up where I left off the previous week and did 15 miles.  It was a sort of hodge-podge kind of thing.  See, I was meeting a couple friends from work at about 6am to do what I thought was a slow paced 2 mile run.  I get to where we were supposed to meet and realize that it has a 2 hour parking time limit and if I’m going to do a total of 15 miles, that will take me more than 2 hours, so I go to park down the road on the street.  It’s Sunday so no parking meter to feed.  However, they had the parking all marked off because the TriRock series triathlon was happening the following day, so I drove a little further and parked in the parks lot behind the Zach Scott Theatre.  I then ran to where we were supposed to meet, about .6 mile only to discover that the entire parking lot was blocked off for TriRock.  I texted Will and told him this and let him know he could park near the theater and then proceeded to run back to my car.  They arrived and we started…a walk/run couch to 5k interval session.  No biggie, just means I’ll be nice and warmed up.  I paused my Garmin for the walk intervals but let the FitBit keep tracking.  There was a total of 1.5 miles of walking.  Anyway, we got back to our cars and they went home and I continued on my way.  I had already hit 3 miles, so I only had 12 more to do.  That’s 1 complete loop of Ladybird Lake plus a little out-and-back bit.  I simply could not get myself to slow down and was logging all my miles (except mile 2 which was with my friends) were between 11:00 and 11:18.  My final 4 miles were faster.  I attempted at 3 miles out to finish at HMGP, but could only do it for that mile.  Oops.  Still a great run!
Monday: did some cross training by doing a plyometric cardio workout dvd.


Week #8 is now in the books!  A further note about Sunday’s long run.  After I posted about it on my personal Facebook page, my “coach” friend commented and asked when my “goal” marathon was.  She had asked this previously but I didn’t get the hint.  I thought she just meant my next marathon.  Nope, she meant when is the marathon I plan/hope to BQ at.  When I finally figured that out, she asked what my goal for South Padre Island was and I replied with 4:10:00 to 4:20:00.  She then replied that I should probably pick up the pace on my long runs anyway and be clocking in between 10:15 and 10:45.  That’s totally cool with me as my body seems to want to be going that fast anyway.  She also said that like alternating one week of an actual tempo run with one week of my sprint workout run, that I should alternate a fast finish long run with one that isn’t.  And that one that isn’t should be structured thus:

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  1. I'd agree that for a non-goal race, you should probably plan on running it at about the same pace as your long runs (maybe 30 seconds or so per mile faster, but definitely not a regular race pace, which is more like 60 seconds per mile faster than your long run pace).

    Nice work ticking off another week!


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