Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Marathon Training Week #9

Tuesday: rest day due to working overtime Monday night, so all that was done was a 2000m row on the row machine.

Wednesday: I was going to do this coming Sunday’s 16 miler on this day but need for sleep and a notice of pest control needing access to my apartment Thursday and/or Friday and me needing to tidy up my apartment for that, life conspired against me and so I changed my running plan to just 6 miles and I’d start at 7pm.  As I started my run I realized that I hadn’t discussed with Kirsten what paces I should be running my regular runs at.  We’ve had ample discussion about long run pace and tempo paces, but nothing about regular run paces.  So, I figured since my long run pace is supposed to be 10:15-10:45 and my tempo runs are usually going to be around 9:30 for the tempo portion, that I should be somewhere in between that…maybe right around MGP.  So that’s what I did.  I did the first 3 miles between 10:01 and 10:09, then the last 3 miles I steadily got faster and faster and ended the final .2 (yea, I went ahead and did a 10K) at an 8:49 pace!  I felt great the whole run too!  Kirsten later said what I did was basically spot on and that my next run I should go at an easy pace (around 10:45) since this was basically a progressive run.  I mostly wanted to see what if I could push the pace a little bit and hold it steady, which I basically did the first 3 miles and then I decided to see if I could negative split the whole run and I totally nailed it.
Thursday: worked 3 less hours than expected on my overtime shift Wednesday night, so I was able to get up in time to get in a workout!  I didn’t have time for a run, not even a short one because a short 3 mile run even though I can run it in around 30 minutes, takes about an hour between prepping for the run and then post-run uploading of data and stuff.  So, just a Real Appeal workout DVD for some cross training action!

Friday: 8 miles of…steady state?  Hitting paces?  I’m not entirely sure what it’s called, but anyway, what I did was, well 8 miles, and I tried to keep every split between 10:20-10:25, however miles 5 was 10:18 because it was uphill for most of it and I was pushing the pace a little to make sure I hit my pace, except that I didn’t slow down when I got to the top and ended up 2 seconds fast.  And then mile 8 was 1 second fast because I was pushing the pace yet again because I was tired and just wanted to be done.  Haha.  Overall, I’m extremely happy with this run!
Saturday: worked overtime Friday night, so I did my 2000m on the row machine.  There would have been some strength training and cardio equipment usage on this day, but since I switched my Saturday off with a co-worker for her Wednesday off, I was at work Saturday afternoon/evening and then I had the plans of getting up at 4:30 Sunday morning to do my long run.

Sunday: did 10 miles before meeting up with the Sports Bra Squad for our little group run (2.6 miles), and then finished up the last 3.4 miles for a total of 16 miles!  My goal was to hit paces between 10:35-10:45.  Well, I had an overall average pace of 10:27.  However, that’s not the pace I ran the entire run at.  The first 3 miles were 11+…really good warm up pace for me (for now…for the marathon, I need to get my warm up pace down into the 10:30-10:45 range), the next 8 miles were at or faster than HMGP…BOOM!  All those miles felt fantastic!  The 8th mile was the first mile with the Sports Bra Squad.  I kept up with the faster runners in the group fairly easily and I’m super proud of that!  The last half of the Sports Bra Squad run, I was chatting with another lady, so miles 12 and 13 were just slightly slower than MGP and my final 3 miles were 11+.  And I seriously hit a wall in those last 3 miles.  I had eaten the last 3 of my pumpkin protein waffles as my pre-long run meal and they had worn off.  And then I was a complete idiot and didn’t refuel with the gels I had in my hydration pack pocket.  I was just feeling so good.  Yea, never again.  I do need to look up some paleo refueling options.  Right now I’m thinking dried fruits and nuts should do the trick.  I’ll go into that more in my weekly paleo post.
Monday: I had a plethora of appointments on this day.  At 8:15 I had my psychiatrist, at 9 I had my therapist, and at 11 I had my annual physical for work.  Whew!  


This was quite an excellent week of training.  I didn’t do sprints like I had originally planned to do this week, but I DID do that progressive run that was a really good workout and that is sort of like speedwork.  I did really good with some cross training this past week, however I completely dropped the ball with any and all strength or resistance training.  I'm really disappointed in myself for that, but it is what it is, as they say and what is done is done…or, should I say, what isn’t done isn’t done…ha!  Other than the complete lack of strength training this past week, I seriously couldn’t be happier with how this week’s runs went.  All 3 of my runs were workout runs with a purpose that I totally nailed on each and every one!

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