Sunday, September 25, 2016

My Paleo Experience, wk 2

• Monday, September 19th…back to work!  I love being at work only because it’s super easy to be on a schedule with my eating while I’m at work.  I just prep my food and it is 90% grab, stuff in my lunch bag and go.  As I mentioned last week, my menu for the majority of the week was eggs and bacon for breakfast, then half a chicken for lunch with some sliced and baked zucchini and summer squash for lunch, a 7.75-ish ounce baked salmon filet for snack and a med-large sweet potato for dinner.  I wanted something sweet as I was getting ready for work, so I grabbed a Hansen’s Diet Pomegranate soda.  Holy moly was that thing sweet!  I drank maybe half of it and then poured the rest out.  It just wasn’t what I wanted.  It was just too sweet.  Then, because I worked overtime, I took the pan fried plantain slices and an apple with almond butter with me to eat during my second shift.  However, the plantains were good Sunday while they were still warm.  Cold, however, they were kind of gross, so I tossed them and only ate the apple with AB. 

• Tuesday, September 20th…pretty much the same as yesterday.  Except there were 1.5 Mexican cookies.  And I didn’t work overtime so no apple w/AB or anything else.

• Wednesday, September 21st…food was pretty much the same again, there was another cookie.  A Tiff’s Treats snickerdoodle (basically just butter with cinnamon and sugar on top…so good!).  I paid for yesterday’s Mexican cookies today with some heartburn so I’m sure that I’ll pay for today’s cookie with more heartburn tomorrow.  There was an overtime shift tonight.  Since I discovered the plantains were actually a bust on Monday night, I brought a mostly full pint of blueberries with me instead.  They were a little tart, but still tasty.  I also brought another honeycrisp apple with AB to dip it in.  YUM!

• Thursday, September 22nd…stuck to my prescribed menu for the day!  YAY!

• Friday, September 23rd…woke up to some disappointing news and the discovery that I want something more than I thought I did (in other words, I thought I didn’t want it at all), so I was a little emotional, so when the LT put the donuts on the table, I grabbed one.  Okay, I grabbed 2.  I also had one of the diet pomegranate sodas I still have in my fridge.  It was so freaking sweet I almost couldn’t finish it, but I did.  And there was a little ice cream.  Stupid emotions!  Anyway, I’m not going to let some emotional upset ruin things for me.  I’ve worked too hard to get to this point.  I’m also kind of thinking that maybe I’m eating too much.  I wasn’t super actually hungry today and didn’t eat like half my food.  I had a loss of appetite.  Anyway, I am thinking next week that I will nix the snack meals and just do 3 meals a day instead of 4 like I’ve been doing.

• Saturday, September 24th…I went to my friend Amanda's house for some crafting.  The day’s food started off with good intentions…a wedgie burger with sweet potato fries and a plain iced tea for a midafternoon brunch (hey, I worked overtime the night before and didn’t get up until almost 1pm…don’t judge me!  Haha).  Then I got to Amanda’s and the wheels fell off.  She had made amazing caramel brownies and yea…I partook.

• Sunday, September 25th…I had another long run today.  Since the sweet potato pre-run and then just a toddler squeezie pouch during worked pretty well for me.  And then it was off-paleo for lunch when I went to Schlotzsky’s and used my free small Original coupon from this morning’s 5K race plus got a Cinnabon.  Carb reloading??  No?  Oh well.  What’s done is done.  After that I had half a rotisserie chicken for dinner and snacks were 2 slices of bacon and a couple smaller honeycrisp apples with almond butter.  So the wheels did get put back on, so it’s all good. 


Something I’ve noticed since starting paleo is that flavors are more intense for me.  I have had sugar or something with artificial sweetener in it a handful of times in the last week and a half, but it’s all small doses.  Food in general just tastes better than before.  I am pretty sure that the large amount of artificial sweetener I was using was blunting my taste buds ability to actually taste the food I was eating.  Which probably wasn’t helping with my binge eating problem or my food obsessing and anxiety either.  I just feel more satisfied with my food now that it tastes so much better and I’m tasting it the way it is supposed to be tasted. 

There were a few things that I’m not proud of this week…namely the cookies, donuts, and brownies (though they were really good...well, the donuts weren't super good, but they weren't bad either).  Especially with the slight gains I was seeing on the scale from one day to the next.  I’m sure it’s just my body adjusting to paleo.  The first week, I cut all the water weight I had been carrying around and got back down to 151-ish.  But I really, really want to make my way to the 140’s sooner rather than later.  I need to get in contact with some people that I know through Facebook and blogging and pick their brains about how their weight loss was affected when they switched to a paleo/ketogenic diet.  I’m sure what I experienced this past week was entirely normal and, like I said, was my body adjusting to the way my macros are now structured.  I’m eating such high amounts of protein and healthy fats.  My food tastes amazing every meal and I always feel satisfied and very, very rarely do I feel full on hunger.  I haven’t been ravenous since I started this way of eating, but I have been what I would call “somewhat hungry” a few times, but it was easily satisfied.  I find I eat my food slower, which is always better for you.  If I’m full, I stop and finish the food later when I feel like I could eat again.

This week’s menu will consist of:
Breakfast: 4 eggs & 2 slices thick cut bacon
Lunch: ½ rotisserie chicken
Dinner: 1 tilapia filet & steamed broccoli
Overtime snacks: apple w/AB & berries

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