Sunday, September 11, 2016

The Weekly Weigh In

Saturday: no workout, just walking.

Sunday: ran 15 miles total, with a couple miles toward the beginning with a couple friends who are doing a couch to 5K program.
Monday: was going to run sprints, but then I procrastinated to the point that it was too warm out to make sprints comfortable, so I decided to do some cross training instead and hit up one of my new workout DVDs from the Real Appeal program.  It was straight up plyometrics.  I’d say I went at about 60% effort since I didn’t know what exactly I was in for with this workout.  It was really good, but I think next time, I’ll definitely up my effort to at least 80%.
Tuesday: I did 2000m on the row machine in 9:21 minutes.  Other than that, just walking.

Wednesday: progressive 10K run.  Felt great!
Thursday: worked overtime Wednesday night, even though I was off work from my regular shift in the afternoon/evening, but I ended up only working 5 hours, so I didn’t take a lunch break, so no row machine. 

Friday: did 8 miles at an average of 10:21 min/mi.  Pretty stinkin’ happy with this run!


This week was not even remotely close to ideal when it came to what I was shoving (yep, there was definitely a metaphorical shovel involved with my eating this week) into my face.  I wish I could blame TOM, but I can’t because that didn’t happen.  But I have been having an issue with feeling slightly snacky the last couple weeks.  I’m thinking it’s boredom with what I’m eating.  It’s just not satisfying enough.  So, one of my co-workers, Steven, has been on a semi-strict paleo diet the last month+ and he loves it.  I can tell he’s happier now that he’s eating paleo…he laughs more.  He’s lost a noticeable amount of weight.  He seems to have even MORE energy than before and he was already an energetic person.  So, I’m thinking of giving it a go.  He said you don’t have to be crazy about it.  You don’t NEEEEEED organic, grass fed, blah blah whatever fancy expensive stuff.  He’s gone with store brand products and been just fine.  Normal paleo diets completely exclude dairy products, but he has allowed himself goat cheese and I think I’ll do the same.  I love goat cheese.  He eats a lot of sweet potatoes and roasted chicken.  I will probably be lazy and just get the pre-cooked rotisserie chickens from the grocery store…at least for the first couple weeks.  I will definitely be buying some salmon as I loooove salmon.  I will go back to eating eggs for breakfast.  And I’ll start having a small salad for dinner with just olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette on it for dinners.  And I’m starting this TOMORROW.  I will make an exception, probably…maybe, next Saturday when Amanda and I hang out because we’ll be going out to eat.  But maybe I can find something that’s not TOO too non-paleo on the menu wherever we end up going to eat.  We want to go see Suicide Squad at one of those dinner and a movie places, but we’re not sure yet.

Also, I’ve been having way too many occurrences of acid reflux the last couple weeks and that is all due to too many processed carbs.  Oh, speaking of that and paleo…I’m going to have to at least temporarily say goodbye to the powdered creamer and the pink stuff that I put in my coffee each day.  Instead, I think I will try that bulletproof method.  I now have a smoothie blender, so I’ll just use that to blend the butter into the coffee.  And that also means if I want coffee at work, I will need to make it at home and take it with me, no more making it at work.  Which is perfectly fine.  Also, no more diet cokes for a while as well.  Instead, I’ll be kicking back with the mineral water when I want carbonation.

My digestion has been out of whack for a while now.  So, on Thursday this week, I did a bit of a juice reset.  I don’t buy into the hype of cleanses and detoxes as our bodies are built to do all that just fine on their own.  But every now and then our digestive tract can use a little resetting and the best way I found through reading about it is to just drink juice for one day, then eat sensible, whole foods the following day and you should be fine after that.  So, that coupled with me starting an at least mostly paleo diet tomorrow, I think my GI tract should be getting back to how it should be.  Because I’ve been basically having IBS for quite some time now.  What I wouldn’t give to have regular poops…and have them on the regular as well.

I also had some lack of motivation in getting my ass in gear to run this week.  I hate that.  It’s a little frustrating at best.  I hate it because I KNOW that once I start running, all is good and well in my world, but getting started is like pulling teeth from a rabid wolverine.  I don’t understand it.

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