Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Weekly Weigh In

Saturday: no workout.

Sunday: ran 17.14 miles total.  I had a 5k race today, but I also had 17 miles on my marathon training calendar to get done.  So I arrived at the race location over 2 hours before the race was to start and started running loops around the giant shopping center (almost 3 miles for a full loop!).  I got 10 miles done pre-race, then 3.14 during the race, then I went home and knocked out another 4 miles!
Monday: hammies and quads all sorta sore from Sunday’s running, so it was really nice to get out and stretch my legs for 4 miles.
Tuesday:  just walking.  Worked overtime Monday night.

Wednesday: 8 miles easy pace.  Wanted them to be faster, but what the heck…it’s not fall in Texas yet so it just got warmer and I just got slower.  Oh well.
Thursday: overtime Wednesday night, no nada but walking.

Friday: there was some disappointing news in my text messages when I woke up in the morning and the “I’m not sure I’ll run 8 miles today, I might just run 6” turned into “8 miles isn’t enough, I need to run 10!!!”  So that’s what I did.  10 miles.  Boom!  It was a good run and definitely much needed therapy.  I wasn’t able to totally work through the disappointment I was feeling and it actually stuck with me all day until the bearer of the disappointing news got back to me with acceptable news.  I wanted to make this run a little edgier, or whatever, so I ate 2 slices of bacon pre-run and then no fuel during.  I didn’t really feel like I needed it during anyway until I was almost done and therefore it was too late, so I just made myself wait until I got home and scarfed my eggs.


it is what it is
Well, there wasn’t a whole lot of movement on the scale this week at all, was there?  Just up and down between 151.2 and 152.5.  I mean, the good news is that I totally maintained!  Bad news…maybe it’s not so much actual “bad” news…let’s go with the “disappointing” news (since that’s the theme for this week apparently…long story…or maybe it’s not…stay tuned for next week’s Let’s Get Random! post…I promise I’ll explain as much as I can).  Anyway, the disappointing news is that I am still not in the 140’s.  Ugh.  Maybe next week?  I really wanted to be below 150 (so 149 or less) by the end of September.  But I seem to have stalled out where I’m at right now.  I mean, where I’m at isn’t a crappy place to be.  I’m like 95% happy with my body at the moment and with what I see in the mirror and how my clothes fit.  However, I’d really like to cut a little tiny bit more body fat and make my muscles pop just a smidge more than they do right now.  I have, however, hit at about 25%, but I was saying I wanted that to be my top number for maintenance.  I really would like to be 23%. 

I think part of my problem this week was that even though more food last week caused me to lose 4.5-ish pounds, that wasn’t what happened this week.  So, next week I’m going to cut my calories a tiny bit and completely eliminate the snack meal from my day.  I’ll have breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I will still have my overtime snacks if I work overtime, but no more snack during the regular day.  I’m honestly not hungry at that time and I’ve been eating as late as 8pm because I’m just not hungry so I push off eating.  I really prefer to be done eating by 6, 6:30 at the latest.  It helps for my food to be pretty much completely digested by the time I wake up around 6-7 am on the mornings I didn’t work overtime the night before.

I was soooooo happy to stop by Starbucks last night and they happily made be a bulletproof-style coffee.  The guy said they didn’t have any coconut oil, which I said was fine because I don’t use it at home and then he said he highly recommends it, so I will be doing that from now on.  Coconut oil AND butter! 

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