Thursday, October 27, 2016

Marathon Training Week #15

Again, I’m sorry about last week’s delay in posting my training update.  And, this week’s being delayed as well.  I’m trying to be on the ball with my posts but things just kind of got out of my control last week and everything slipped my mind.  And then this week, I just didn’t have the time until today to post it.


Tuesday: overtime Monday night.


Wednesday: overtime Tuesday night.


Thursday: I had training all day, so I headed to Ladybird Lake and ran at sunset.  I had 4 on the schedule but I wanted more.  So I ran 7 miles at 7 seconds faster than MGP.  Felt pretty good for the majority of the run. 

Friday: once I finally got moving in the morning, I headed out the door for 5 miles.  I was originally going to go for a 10:30 average pace, but my legs had a different, better idea and we (me and my legs, that is) finished at a 10:11 average pace.  Boom!  Felt great.  It’s starting to cool back off again, so I think that helped with how I was feeling.  The cooler weather is always so nice for me to run in.  I look forward to it all year!  Got my hydration pack set up the way I want it finally. The Osprey bladder I ordered had a tiny tear in it so it leaks, BUT the hose with its magnetic mouthpiece fits on the bladder that came with the pack, so it all worked out in the end because I didn't want to deal with returning it for exchange. Also, fixed my broken selfie stick...hooray for gorilla glue!

Saturday: rest day.


Sunday: LONG RUN DAY!!! Last super-long long run before the marathon in T minus 20 days!!! I decided I wanted to try and do a progressive run. That went great until mile 15 where I hit the wall. Oops. But it all turned out alright. I had originally planned to wear my pace band for the marathon and do a trial run of the first 22 miles, but I forgot until I was about to start running. Oops again.  Later in the day, I was so exhausted and felt like I’d ran a marathon.  And usually when I run a marathon, I take a 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon…well, I had a bunch of stuff to do so no nap.  Wah wah.

• Monday: rest day.  Sunday’s long run kinda kicked my ass and I was so tired because of the whole no nap situation Sunday afternoon, so I just slept in and got as many steps as I could get in.




I did a lot of MGP stuff this week.  2 of my 3 runs were at or super near MGP.  On Sunday’s long run where I averaged just 2 seconds slower than my MGP for SPI, my fastest mile was 9:14.  Per the pace band I’ll be using for SPI, the fastest mile I’ll have to run is a 9:34.  So I should be golden at the marathon!  I was really sore for the couple days following my long run, obviously!  Also, my calves were feeling twingy, like they were close to having strains in them.  also, the part of my right ankle that I sprained so badly last year has been aching/mildly hurting since Monday.  So, since Monday night I’ve been sleeping in my calf and foot/ankle compression gear and it seems to be helping.  I’ve also been stretching everything as much and as often as I can to keep the blood flow good to all areas.


As of the end of Sunday’s long run, I am in taper mode.  Eeek!  It’s less than 2.5 weeks until I see if all my training pays off!  I’m beyond excited to see how I do.  I am curious if I’ll a) hit my goal and/or b) blow my goal out of the water.  I am not going to kill myself, but I’m going to go according to my pace band until mile 20.  If I’m feeling fantastic, then I’m going to kick it the final 10K and see if I can finish 5 or so minutes faster than my goal finish time of 4:15:00.


Total miles this week = 34

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