Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Weekly Weigh In

Saturday: no workout.

Sunday: ran 14.14 miles total!  Like last week, I ran a long run with a 5k race.  I logged 11 miles pre-race and then used the 5k as a fast finish for my long run as I opted to nix the additional 4 miles and do a cutback week with my long run this week.
Monday: 5 mile shakeout run at an easy pace.
Tuesday:  Worked overtime Monday night.

Wednesday: 8 easy miles.
Thursday: Worked overtime Wednesday night.

Friday: 4 miles, steady pace between 9:30 and 9:39.  Loving this cooler fall weather for sure!


Like I said in my marathon training weekly report on Tuesday, I think that now that I’ve started eating paleo most of the time, the affects that gluten/processed carbs have on my body are more pronounced and obvious.  Over last weekend I ate brownies and a deli sandwich with sourdough bread and cheese and sauce, a Cinnabon roll and some ice cream (wow, that sounds like a lot, but only the brownies were actually an overly large portion) and by Monday I was showing a large-ish gain on the scale, though my body fat reading wasn’t too elevated, so I was pretty sure it was just water retention and inflammation from the gluten/processed carbs I consumed.  So I worked all week to keep myself strictly to my paleo meal plan.  And I more than succeeded and am down 1.8 pounds from last Saturday, putting me back at my lowest weight to date once more!

So, since it’s the first of the month, I took new measurements with my tape measure on top of my regular weekly weighing in.
Even though this week started out with me being up over 4 pounds due to that severe bloat from over indulging in gluten and processed carbs last weekend, I think I’m ending the week quite well.  Yesterday, all day, everything about me just “felt skinny.”  I told that to a friend and he just couldn’t figure out what that meant.  I attribute that to the fact that he’s never been overweight in his life, so he doesn’t know what it’s like to be fat or even bloated and have swollen body parts/tissue and then to lose that extra and what your fingers and face and limbs and everything feels like.  It’s definitely a palatable difference if you’ve ever lost more than, I’d say, 30 pounds.  I do have to say the loss of the last 30-35 pounds was the most dramatic for me.  I lost it the fastest so the difference was pretty much immediately noticeable to me and everyone around me.  I have been completely fascinated and amazed by my recent transformation.  So, when I say something feels skinny, that’s saying a lot.  Also, I’ve always wondered how some of these girls I work with that are much smaller than me (like, they weigh TOPS 135) can be comfortable sitting with their legs all randomly folded up underneath them.  Well, now I know because now I do the same thing and it’s not uncomfortable at all unless I sit that way, in one position, for longer than about 10 minutes. 

TimeHop showed me that I took progress photos 1 year ago today, so I thought what the heck and took some new ones!

And then I took a posed bikini shot!  This...this right here is why I work so hard.


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