Sunday, October 23, 2016

Weekly Weigh In

This is going to be a little messed up of a Weekly Weigh In post as I’m posting for 2 weeks in a row.  So, let me review last week really quick.  First, I’d like to say that I’m not going to review my workouts in these posts anymore.  I’m going to use these posts strictly for reviewing my weigh ins throughout the week.  I realized I was double posting my workouts and that was pointless and probably annoying to you, my wonderful readers.  So, last week.  First, I started off the previous Saturday at 153.4.  Up a smidge from my lowest weight of 150.7, but still acceptable.  Then, Sunday, I somehow shot up to 157.5!  whoa!  What the heck happened there?  Well, that became apparent not too much longer after that because I “started” the whole you-know-what and things only went uphill from there.  Ugh.  Monday was 158.8 and so on until the highest last week of 160.2 on Friday.  There was no weigh in last Saturday because I wasn’t anywhere near my scale as I was in the middle of running a relay between Austin and Corpus Christi.
Now onto this week.  If I thought last week ending with 160.2 pounds was bad, holy moly was I in for a surprise.  Sunday I weighed in at 160.2 again.  Then, here comes the shocker…Monday I weighed in at 164.2!  OMG!  What is going on here?  I mean, sure, last week I had that time of the month so that’s bound to make me gain a few pounds, but I had just gained over 14 pounds in a week and a half.  That’s NOT normal.  Last month, when I got my cycle, I noticed some tenderness and bloating in the area of my ovaries (sorry to the guys reading this) and remembered back like 11 years ago when I had a giant grapefruit sized cyst on one of my ovaries that the pain was the same.  So, joy of joys I’m now getting cysts with my period.  Ugh.  So, when they popped up again with this month’s period, I wasn’t surprised.  But, they were worse.  Much worse.  By Wednesday I was literally in tears.  I cried for half of my work shift on Wednesday and it took a bunch of ibuprofen to make it tolerable, and then I was just plain worn out from dealing with the pain.  So, I stopped taking my birth control pill.  After that, I dropped like 9 pounds in 2 days.  Damn.  Again…NOT normal.  But, I’m feeling human again and don’t have the sharp little pains or bloating around my ovaries anymore.  I talked to my pharmacist about special ordering the pills I was taking before they switched from being Target pharmacy to being taken over by CVS.  She said she’d check into it.  If she can’t make it happen, then I’ll have to call my doctor and have her call in a new script to a different pharmacy that I know carries the pill I was taking before.  But that’s a whole ordeal I’d rather not deal with.  I’d much rather that they be able to order it at the pharmacy that I’m already using.
Anyway, I kept it in the upper 150’s for the remainder of the week after I dropped that 9 pounds…sheesh…though it did fluctuate up and down a little, it didn’t bump back up over 160.  Yay for small victories, right?
So, while I’m not happy with these weigh ins, I do understand a little bit of what was going on.  Oh, and my hormones being all out of whack made me crave things and I felt weak when it came to resisting foods I probably should not have been indulging in.  I’m happy to report that pretty much immediately after stopping my BC pills, I noticed a drastic drop in the cravings and even had a lack in appetite here and there.  Much better.  Also, even though my weight was up, my body fat was still down closer to where I want it to be at the moment…hovering between 24%-26%.  Again, not ideal, but acceptable.  I have come up with a gauge for how I view myself when I look in the mirror.  If I can see my ab lines and the distinction of my quad muscles, then I’m happy.  And that, my friends, has nothing to do with the scale.  Also, my clothes are still fitting well, so all is well, really.  It’s just the scale that isn’t with the program right now.  But, that’s okay, it’ll get back with the program in the next couple/few weeks, I’m sure.  I just have to figure things out and make the pegs fit into their holes again.  I WILL get down to 145!  I will!  And I just attended some training the other day and part of that was going over SMART goals.  The first letter of that, the “S,” represents “specific.”  Be specific with your goals.  So, for that, I want to weigh 145.  The “M” means they should be measurable…so, I have to be repetitious here and say that I will measure this by getting down to 145.  Haha.  The “A” stands for achievable.  I know 145 is achievable.  It’s only 5 pounds below my most recent lowest weight.  The ideal weight for my height is 132 to 158.  So it’s totally within the healthy range for me.  “R” stands for relevant.  To break this one down, that means it should be reasonable and realistic.  Again with the repetition as I point out the healthy weight range for my height and my goal being in the middle of it.  The final letter, “T” means time-bound.  That just means that there is a REALISTIC deadline that you want to complete your goal by.  So, for the purposes of my goal to get to 145 and with the troubles I’ve had recently with cravings and female issues and so on, I’m stating I want to get to 145 by my birthday, December 14th.  So, there we go!  That’s my SMART goal.  What’s yours?

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