Sunday, November 27, 2016

Calling All San Antonio RNR Runners!!!

i am going to be running the San Antonio Rock'n'Roll Marathon on the 4th.  i would looooooove to meet people!  i'll be at the expo on saturday around noon.  i'll be there for probably about 2 hours as i love walking around RNR expos and seeing all the booths.  saturday morning i will post a picture of what i'll be wearing so if you're there, it'll be easier for us to find each other, chat and take selfies together!  i'll be in San Antonio all evening saturday and then all of sunday (on sunday, i already have dinner plans and hopefully lunch plans too...Carina?  yes?) and then i'll be checking out of my hotel monday morning but am willing to hang out and have lunch with someone before heading back home.  shoot me a message on my facebook page for this blog or comment on the picture i post saturday morning to let me know you'll like to meet up and we'll make it happen!  i'm so excited!

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