Thursday, November 24, 2016

Glasses & PRs

I have to say, I’m really happy with my decision to get an eye exam and go through with getting and wearing glasses.  Even though the doctor that did my exam said it wasn’t necessary to wear my glasses at all times…just when reading or while using a computer…I decided that it was just easier to wear them all the time.  However, I don’t yet have prescription sunglasses, so for now (until I get my new insurance card from Davis Vision) I will have to either run in my regular sunglasses, or in my regular glasses and be all squinty.  I’ll just make do with the regular sunglasses.  I should have my insurance card early next week, so I’ll be able to use my frame & lens allowance and get myself a 3rd pair of regular glasses (I really want those red frames!) and some sporty sunglasses.  And then, instead of using the clip on sunglasses, I’ll just switch back and forth between the regular glasses and the prescription sunglasses.  Also, I’m really digging how I look and I’ve gotten boatloads of compliments on them.  everyone likes them.  I’ve been told I look “cool” and “stylish.”  Also, in one day last week, I got told by one coworker that he didn’t recognize me because I looked like a supervisor.  I had a detective ask me if I was the sergeant.  And then a patrol deputy asked me why I haven’t promoted yet.  Those were all huge boosters for me! 

I have not run much since the marathon.  It’s been mostly due to my work schedule, but partially due to me sleeping in so much this past weekend.  I was going to run a 10K run Saturday morning, but then I didn’t get up until 10am and I went on that shopping trip I already spoke about.  Then Saturday night I stayed up late to wait for my friend to get off work.  He came over and we stayed up late and it was almost 5am before I went to bed.  I tried to get up between 8 and 9 but that wasn’t happening.  I got up at noon.  Oh well.  So then I had grocery shopping to take care of so that I could meal prep for this week and some of next week.  I found a recipe for a BBQ paste rub roasted turkey, so I made that with my giant 21 pound bird.  When I carved it and put it in my biggest “Tupperware” container, it basically filled it up.  WOW!  And, of course, I missed the baggie of organs and they got cooked in the bag inside the turkey.  Never fails.  Then I made (for the 4th time in the last year…it’s seriously one of my all-time favorite recipes!) the crockpot orange spiced sweet potatoes.  I also cooked up some whole berry cranberry sauce with coconut sugar.  The coconut sugar made it come out with the consistency of preserves.  So I’ve been eating it on toast!  And it’s quite tasty that way! 

I seriously PR’ed the 10K distance Sunday evening.  Oh, before I get into that, I *was* going to run 10+ miles on Sunday but because I woke up so late and then had all that grocery shopping and food prep to do, I didn’t have time…or, I should say, I didn’t have the sunlight left in the day to get it done.  Sunset was around 5:30 and I headed out the door to run a smidge after 5.  So that 10K run I didn’t get done Saturday morning happened Sunday evening.  So, yea, I seriously PR’ed!  My previous PR for a 10K distance was set during the Capital 2 Coast relay and was 57:52.  Now…NOW…my PR is 53:59!!!  I was just focusing on keeping all my miles under the 9 minute mark…the PR was just a bonus.  But, now that I’ve gotten a sub-54 minute 10K, achieving that 50 minute 10K at next year’s Cap10K doesn’t seem quite so farfetched after all.  So, on top of getting serious with the speed work ALL of next year, I’m going to get serious with the hill training.  I want to eat the hills during the Cap10K for breakfast!  Straight up devour them! 

Speaking of PRs, during the South Padre Marathon, I also snagged 2 new the marathon and in the half marathon distance as well!  My previous half PR was 2:05:22…now my PR is 2:04:52.  Not a huge PR, but considering it was the beginning of a marathon, I’ll take it!  I know I can run a sub-2 hour half.  When I ran the Hill Country Halloween Half last month, I finished in 1:58:43.  That course is ¼ mile short, so I know I could have finished it in 2:02:00 or faster, easily.  And I had a little left in the tank when I finished, so I know if it had been the complete 13.1 that if I had pushed myself a little harder, then I could have finished sub-2.  And, my previous marathon PR was 4:35:17 and now it’s 4:29:53 (official race time was 4:29:51, however).  I had set a goal to PR every distance this year and I’ve done it.  I PR’ed the 5K with a time of 26:45, the 10K, the 8K/5mi, the 10mi, the half, the 30K (of course, I’ve only ever run a race that distance once), and the marathon.  So I’m setting the same goal for next year…PR everything!

I can’t believe it’s getting to the end of November.  Where did this month go?!?!?!  Like, seriously.  This month has just flown by.  November is a very busy month for me with the renaissance festival and races and overtime and meal prep, and trying to fit in time for friends on top of it all!  So hectic.  But, I love being busy.  And I’m excited for next month.  2 weeks off for my birthday!  I have a few projects I want to get done.  But I’ll save talking about those for when they happen.

I have regained about 10 pounds and I’m fairly disappointed in myself for that.  Granted it wasn’t entirely my fault that I gained it (thanks a lot birth control pill fiasco), but the fact that things have been back to how they should be for over a month now and I *STILL* have not relost the extra weight…tisk tisk tisk is all I have to say to myself in that regard.  I know right now it’s hard to lose the weight as I’m not running as much, but really that’s not much of an excuse.  I’ve cut my calories, but it’s not helping when I give into junk food here and there.  For the most part I’m not having urges and I’m having no cravings, but sometimes, when free food presents itself at work, I just can’t help myself.  And thanksgiving is today and I’m working 2 shifts at work, so that’s TWO thanksgiving spreads I’ll be participating in.  I’m going to TRY and be reasonable and just get a tiny bit of everything.  Just a taste of everything.  Try not to go bananas or hog wild with the food, you know?  I just need to watch what I’m putting in my mouth and count my calories and try and leave a deficit every day.  I was wanting to get back down to 150 by my birthday, but I’ll be happy if I can just get back down below 155 by my birthday and then 150 by the end of the year.  I think both of those are reasonable goals.  Speaking of goals, I need to work on my goals for December!  Better get crackin’!

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