Saturday, November 19, 2016


I’ve been a little silent lately and I’m sorry about that.  I’ve got quite a few race recaps typed up and ready to go, but I’ve been so busy and my mind so preoccupied that I just have either not had the time or the inclination to deal with much beyond work and running.  I’ve had so much on my mind the past month and have been battling myself within my head.  It’s not something I will talk about here because it’s just not appropriate for anything outside of my personal journaling.  I will say it has to do with a guy, but that’s as far as I’m willing to open up about that here.

Moving onto some positive stuff.  I got glasses!  I’ve needed them for quite some time but kept putting it off.  I’ve known since I was in high school that I had an astigmatism in my right eye.  I got glasses then, but I think either the doctor wrote the script for my glasses wrong or the eyeglass place got the script wrong with they made my lenses because when I wore them, my eye felt like it was being pulled from my head.  About 5 years ago, after my last eye exam, I got glasses, but again, I think the script was either written or carried out incorrectly because the glasses didn’t do anything at all for my vision.  So, I went to an eye doctor that does retina mapping and, let me say, it’s pretty cool and a great alternative to having your eyes dilated.  My retina are both normal and healthy.  She did the standard eye exam with the rows of letters and the different lens options where they ask is 1 or 2 better, etc etc.  She determined that not only did I have that astigmatism in my right eye that’d I’d always known about, but I had one in my left eye as well.  And they are not to the same degree.  I have a feeling that this was contributing to my migraines that I’ve been suffering for years.  She said that I did have a bit of a script for distance correction but that it was very slight and not the main issue and just wrote the script to correct the astigmatisms. 

I then went to Eyemart Express and found 2 frames that I loved.  I actually found 3, but their going deal is to buy one, get one heavily discounted.  No deal for 3 pairs and I wasn’t prepared to buy 4 pairs of glasses as I wanted to keep my out of pocket expenses below $300.  The two pairs of glasses cost me $170 after taxes.  Nailed it!

I paid the full price of the glasses myself as the lady at Eyemart couldn’t find me in the database (or whatever it’s called) for my vision insurance, so I wasn’t able to use my allowance to purchase the frames.  However, I called the insurance company a couple days later and discovered that I do indeed have an allowance and the lady there said she’d send me new insurance cards so that Eyemart can apply my allowance next time.  So, after I’ve gotten my card, I’ll go back and [hopefully] get that 3rd pair of frames I really like plus a pair of sunglasses to wear while running and just generally while outside.

I was supposed to go to the Texas Renaissance Festival this weekend, but my friend that was supposed to go with me had vehicle troubles and couldn’t afford to fix his truck and go to the festival.  So I asked if his girlfriend still wanted to go and her and I could just do a girls’ weekend but she didn’t want to go without him.  So, I was set to go alone but really wanted someone to go with me.  I found a friend that could go, but couldn’t go until next weekend.  That works for me!  So I adjusted the costumes I’ll be wearing a little bit since next weekend is the Christmas themed weekend, so I’ll be putting together a Christmas pixie costume to wear.

Today I went to the mall in search of green leggings to put with that Christmas pixie costume.  I went into a few different stores and didn’t find any green leggings.  Well, I found some NEON green leggings.  Wah wah.  Wrong shade of green to go with the Christmas outfit.  So I nixed that idea.  I ended up in Claire’s and they were having a buy 3 get 3 free sale on everything in the store and they had some really cute Christmas stuff, so I raided that and got some good stuff.  So, since I didn’t find what I went to the mall for, I OF COURSE bought just about everything else in the mall as there were some pretty good sales going on.  I ended up with 4 dresses, 2 skirts, a tank top, 2 bottles of perfume, 3 sports bras, and 4 sets of gauged earrings all for less than $250.  I only paid full price for 2 things…the 2 skirts.  One was cheap and the other was completely worth the price.
I got myself almost completely caught up with my running scrapbook.  There are a couple pages that are done except that they still need titles done and then I’m waiting for the photos from the marathon and then I can do that page and then I’ll be 100% caught up on that!  while I’m on my birthday vacation next month, I want to get all caught up with my scrap journal.  I’m so ridiculously far behind with that.  I haven’t touched it since the beginning of August.  Ugh.  I’m thinking that when I fill up that journal that I might switch and start doing my scrap journal in Project Life style. 

Last week, I did a little shopping as well.  Scored some really cute and sexy dresses…plus I got these awesome shoes that I love.  They are rubberized canary yellow Chuck Taylor’s!!!  And they’re so comfy!  Making me even more consider getting some knee high all black Chuck Taylor’s to wear to work.

I ordered a wonderful shirt a few weeks ago and it came in the mail the other day.  It says “my patronus is a unicorn” and I love it.
I had to take my cat to the vet because my apartment complex won’t accept my lease renewal until they have current vet and vaccination records and a photo of him.  So I did that this week as well.
I also finally got new tires for my car.  The dealership first told me like 3 months ago that I needed them, but I didn’t have the money until now.  So now I have new tires and it’s amazing how much better my car handles.  Who woulda known?  Haha.  Probably just about everybody. 

Oh and I took a new picture of my running wall.  It’s getting pretty epic now.  and I’m going to need to buy yet another medal holder.  Haha.  #runnerproblems

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