Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 in Review

I’d like to go over 2016 as it comes to a close.  I’m going to do this bullet point style.

• First, I’ve been less than stellar about posting.  Sorry about that.  Genuinely.  And, even when I was posting regularly, my posts were so stale and blah.  Seriously, they were just me vomiting up my daily/weekly stats.  That’s why in 2017 I won’t be doing weekly weigh ins and recaps.  I’ll just kinda post willy-nilly like I’ve been doing the past couple weeks.  Talk about my workouts and runs and mix that in with chatting about what’s going on in my life in general.

• Next up, I wanted to PR everything…and I DID!  My 5K PR is 26:45, 8K (5 mile) is 43:26, 10K is 53:59, 10 mile is 1:34:31, half marathon is 2:03:29, and full marathon is 4:29:53.  That’s pretty phenomenal!  The only thing I didn’t do this year that I really wish I had done was do a 1 mile time trial where I just run 1 mile as fast as possible.  I do know that my fastest mile DURING a race was 8:04, but that was during a 5K race, so it’s not all that accurate as to what I can do if I only had to run 1 mile and 1 mile only.  I’m guessing I can knock out a 7:30, maybe even faster!

• I set an official goal to run 1000 miles this year but had secret hopes of doing at least 1200 miles.  I surpassed my official goal back around the end of October.  I passed up my secret hope in mid-December!  I’m so beyond proud of myself.  In 2015 I set the goal to run 1000 miles too, but fell way short of that goal.  Part of that was largely due to 2 things: temporarily falling out of love with running for about 2-3 months, and being injured and in a walking boot and completely unable to run for 6 weeks.

• I did reach my original goal weight of 160 and then I went even lower and set a new “ultimate” goal weight of 145.  And, I’m sad to say, that while I did get super close to that ultimate goal, I did not reach it and in fact, thanks to an issue with a medication I was taking, I regained over 15 pounds, putting me back above my original goal weight.  However, I did discover that I really like how I look and feel at around 150 and I know that 145 is totally achievable.  I just have to try hard and control myself.

• I’m smack in the middle of the Austin Runner’s Club Distance Challenge.  I’ve already done 3 of the 5 races and I’ve rocked all 3 of them, snagging a PR at 2 of them and a near PR at the 3rd one.  All 3 of the races so far are new-to-me races to run, so they’ve been really exciting to run.  I’m super excited to run the 3M half marathon, the 4th race in the series as it’s another new-to-me race and it has a net downhill trend, so I’m hoping to snag yet another half PR and maybe finally finish sub-2 hour!

• I didn’t manage to be able to afford the lifetime membership with the Marathon Maniacs or the Half Fanatics, but I did buy 2 year memberships for each for now.  I’ll do the lifetime when those run out.

• My Norfolk pine died.  I was horrible at remembering to water it or I would over water it.  So I’m not sure if I drowned it or dehydrated it.  Maybe I shocked the poor thing and that’s what killed it.  At any rate, I think I’ll stick to fake plants for now.

• I have totally rocked keeping up with my journal.  My entries at the beginning of the year were fairly short and to the point.  As the year went on, my entries became longer and better written.  Also, my therapist seems to have broken up with me because he didn’t show up to my last appointment with him and then never responded to the email I sent him regarding it.  Oh well, I was thinking of stopping anyway.  My running and journaling and increasing hanging out time with friends seems to be doing me more good than my meetings with him were doing for me.

• I was totally confident enough to run in just a sports bra for the majority of the late summer and fall…until I had the medication issue and regained some weight.  I really love how freeing it is.  Plus, as a result, I met a whole fantastic group of ladies with the Sports Bra Squad, which is a nationwide movement to help increase women’s body image and self-confidence.

• I did manage to finally kick the diet soda habit, thanks to my attempt at going paleo.  Not only that, but I kicked sweeteners to the curb completely.  In fact, I had a GIANT box of the pink packets and I gave them to a friend.  I also stopped using trans-fat laden creamer in my coffee and gave all the creamer I still had in my apt to my supervisor.  I did also cut back on my salt consumption.  So that’s good too.

Overall, 2016 was decent.  It wasn’t great and it wasn’t bad.  There were more ups than downs, I’d like to say…and I believe that too.  I think, on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d give 2016 a solid 7.  Like I said…decent.  I learned a LOT.  I failed a LOT.  I succeed a LOT.  I felt a LOT.  I did a LOT.  This was definitely a year of doing a LOT and making a LOT of memories.  So, I can say I’m mostly satisfied.  Sure there are things I wish I’d succeeded better at…mostly finances.  But I have big plans in that regard for 2017.  And then, of course, I didn’t reach my weight loss goal and hang onto it.

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