Tuesday, December 27, 2016

More After Christmas & Getting a Headstart...I Hope

Monday was the day after Christmas…countdown to the New Year began!  And I’m getting a head start on the New Year and my goals that I want to work on…I hope.  My plan was to start up again with tracking EVERY DAMN THING I put in my mouth.  Which went “well” on Monday.  What didn’t go well was controlling myself around donuts and cakeballs.  Oops.  In response, I just didn’t eat the cranberry sauce (snack) and yogurt (dinner) I brought, but I was still 100 calories over my regular daily calorie allowance PLUS my exercise calories.  Ugh.  I really need to be leaving a deficit.  So that’s something I definitely need to work on.  And frankly, had I not eaten that junk, there would have been one. 


Of course, there is the good news that I dropped 3.9 pounds between yesterday and today, so that means I’m holding onto a lot of water weight.  Which sort of makes sense since my weight fluctuates like it does.  Maybe if I was a little more consistent with my water intake it wouldn’t be such an issue?  Not sure.  If anyone knows for sure, let me know, okay?  So, maybe I have yet another 4 pounds of excess water weight on me that I can drop by the end of the week!  Haha.  Maybe.  We’ll see.  It would be fantastic to start the new year back in the 150’s, even if just barely.  The good thing about weighing myself every day is that I’m getting desensitized to what I weigh.  Like, the number on the scale doesn’t mean as much to me anymore.  Sure, of course, I want it to say something favorable, but I’m not as obsessed about that number as I used to be when I first started weighing daily.  So that’s one plus to weighing daily.


So far, I’m doing super fantastic about posting on here more often and with actual life content! (hope I didn’t just jinx myself…haha)  I’m not sure what happened or changed, other than the basically taking almost a complete month off from posting on here.  I guess I just needed a small blogging vacation.  Also, I’m really getting into the whole vlogging thing.  But, the videos take FOREVER to load to Facebook when I load them directly from my phone.  Maybe I can transfer them to my computer using the Airdroid app and then load them that way.  Videos seem to load faster on the computer.  Or, even if they don’t, then at least it won’t be sucking the battery life out of my phone while it loads.  I’ll take wins wherever I can get them, even if they’re small.  I’m hoping to figure out how to get my YouTube channel up and running and then I can imbed the videos here for you guys to view. 


I forgot to mention something else I bought on Monday while Christmas clearance shopping.  I went to scrapbook.com and found some a BoBunny 50 page variety pack of 12x12 pocket pages for Project Life type scrapbooks that were 50% off, so I bought 3 packs.  That’ll last me a while!  Then I went to amazon.com and ordered an album that will fit the 12x12 pages that I really liked with sketched camera on it.  Oh yea!  On top of that, I bought this anime amazon Wonder Woman costume that was on sale for like 25% off.  Woot!  I’ve been drooling over this costume for a while now, but Spirit Halloween was out of it in my size.  So I was pretty excited to find it for like 40% less than Spirit Halloween AND in my size!

Here's the items I bought Monday morning during the after Christmas sales.

Amanda and I exchanged gifts at work today.  And, of course, I completely forgot to take pictures of what I gave her.  I should have at least taken a picture of the collage of selfies on canvas with a neon paint background that I made for her.  She said she loved it and was going to hang it in her room.  YAY!  I LOVE what she made and got for me.  She made me a Labyrinth multi-media collage type thing.  I love it.  I’m going to go this weekend and see how much to have a frame made for it.  I’d really like to get a red or purple frame for it and I do want it to have glass to keep the collaged pieces from falling off as she said one of them she had to glue back on once already.  The other thing was one of those My Little Pony mystery boxes and it came with the dark Princess Cadence.

I was already pretty sore from Monday’s self-imposed ass kicking at the gym.  But I don’t mind.  I actually at least partly enjoy the soreness.  Just tells me that I’m doing something good for me.  It’s not hurt pain, it’s my muscles building themselves back up to their former glory.  It’s also my fat crying and slowly dying and fading into oblivion.  My friend, “Tank” is going to hook me up with some good gym workouts.  He’s a beast and I admire his muscles.  Haha.

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