Monday, December 26, 2016

The Day After Christmas

The day after Christmas and I am at the GYM getting my workout on!  And let me just tell you, I kicked my own ass fairly thoroughly.  I was going to run but my weather app said a chance of thunderstorms.  When will I learn not to pay attention to the lies it tells?  So, yea, I skipped my run and it didn’t do anything more than sprinkle!  Oh well.  I’m already a good deal over my running mileage goal for the year and I did run semi-long Saturday AND Sunday, so a rest day was due.  And I would have done the same 4 mile route with rolling hills that I did last Thursday.  So that wouldn’t have been very restful.  Of course, not that what I DID do was actually remotely restful.  HA! 


On my way to the gym, I detoured to Walmart to hit up their after Christmas sale on decorations.  I got a cute little light up fuzzy cat and a light up flamingo.  I also got a bunch of wrapping paper.  Something you may or may not know about me is that I tend to be OCD when it comes to wrapping presents.  In the past, I had probably, easily, over 100 rolls of wrapping paper.  You can laugh, but I’m totally not joking.  See, the thing was, no 2 presents could be wrapped in the same paper, even if they weren’t going to the same person and even if the people who were getting the presents wouldn’t see the paper that the other people’s presents were wrapped with.  Yea, bordering on psycho present wrapper, pretty much.  So, yea, it was really hard, but a few years ago, I threw away ALL OF MY WRAPPING PAPER.  There was an anxiety attack or 2 involved with that.  For the past few years I’ve mostly resisted wrapping presents and usually get gift bags.  I’ve had a couple rolls of wrapping paper for a few years now.  This year, I bought a couple more under the guise of using it as backgrounds for scrapbooking.  Well, thanks to this Christmas clearance sale, I bought like 7 more rolls.  Plus before Christmas I had bought 3 rolls.  Must cut myself off now.  No more paper!  But, I am super proud of myself.  I have 3 presents for 1 person and they’re all wrapped in the same paper.  Not saying that isn’t stressful for me, but I’m forcing myself to deal with it.  “Hi my name is Sara and I am a present wrapping addict.”  HA!  

Since everything Christmas related was on clearance at Walmart, I got a mini-ratchet tool set that I’m guessing is normally $15 because it rung up at $7.50.  Either way, killer deal! 


I also stopped at At Home in search of a picture frame.  I did end up in their Christmas section where I bought yet another bird ornament (“Hi my name is Sara and I’m a bird ornament addict”) because I TOTALLY need more of those.  Hahaha.  I also scored some medium sized colored bulb Christmas lights for really cheap.  I did get the frame, in case you’re wondering.  Got 2, in fact.


Anyway, after that I made my way to the gym…finally.  I locked my stuff up and plugged in my music with my super cute $5 headphones from Five Below.  They actually have surprisingly decent sound for only having cost $5.  Not GREAT sound, mind you, just decent and doesn’t sound like total crap.  They’re the “bass” version, so they do thump a little.  They’re just a little tinny on the higher notes.  I started off with the Jacob’s Ladder machine for 10 minutes.  Then I did leg extension and curls.  Then I alternated wall ball squats with 24” step ups.  Then I did the glute master machine before making my way over to the kettlebells where I did sumo squats with front raise.  After that, I finished up my workout with some of my PT exercises (monster walk, sumo walk, heel walk and farmer’s walk).  I wanted to also do the push press, but all the squat racks were taken and I didn’t feel like improvising and using dumbbells.

I’m hoping to go ahead and start cutting back on what I’m eating this week…get a head start on the New Year and all that jazz, you know?  Are you getting a head start on the New Year as well?

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  1. My boss has the same wrapping paper issue as you! She said she won't ever use the same paper twice, which is completely the opposite of me that used the same 3 rolls for every present under our tree this year!


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