Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Week in the Life

Soooo, I saw this lady on YouTube using this super HUGE date stamp in her videos and I immediately wanted it.  So I asked her where she got it and she said Studio Calico but that the last time she looked it was sold out.  I went to the website anyway and they had an option to notify me when they get more of it in stock.  So I did that.  Then, like 5 days later, I got the email saying it was available for preorder!  So I bit the bullet and bought one!  This thing isn’t cheap.  It’s $30 for the stamp, not including shipping.  I’m not going to lie, I got a bit queasy over how much I spent on a STAMP!  But I love the stamp and I know I’ll use it a lot.  It’s just a fantastic tool that I’m going to love.  I mean, this thing is 8 inches long, 3 inches wide, and the date is ½ inch tall!

I ordered some alphas and other stickers and things (like a fine line glue bottle and some quick dry tacky glue) off amazon last week.  Most of the stuff has already arrived.  One thing won’t arrive until later this week or early next week.  I ordered some 12x12 page protectors with nine 3x3 pockets from Walmart and selected the free in-store pickup so I’ll get those next Monday and I’m excited to add that page layout option to my album.  I also ordered a corner round paper punch off Etsy before I realized I could get one for the same price in person from a physical store and didn’t have to wait a month for it to arrive in the mail because the place I ordered it from is in Hong Kong.  Ugh.  Oh well.  Too late now.  I don’t have any need to have 2 corner round punches, and it’s not like a shape punch where they come in different sizes, so I’m just going to wait for the one I ordered to arrive in my mailbox.

I worked overtime on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, which meant I could go for a run Friday morning.  YAY!  I did sleep in a smidge just because I wake up so early all the time and get so little sleep.  I didn’t sleep TOO long, just until like 8:30, so an extra hour really.  I ended up doing 5 miles.  It was a decent run but nothing to get all excited or anything about. 

After my run and, of course, after my shower as well, I had a little time where I could do some organization in my scrapbooking area.


Back up to Thursday night…I went out for karaoke with some coworkers to a place called Ego’s.  always fun.  I really wanted to sing stuff I haven’t sang before.  And I really wanted to sing a newer song by Niall Horan called “This Town.”  I really love that song.  So I asked the KJ if they had it and she did so I got to sing it!  YAY!  It ended up being the only song I sang because the rotation at Ego’s for singing is super long and I needed to go home and go to bed so I could get up the next morning and go for a run.

Some more scrapbook related stuff.  I bought a fine line glue bottle!!!  I’m pretty excited about this.  Why?  Because, duh, I can apply glue in a very fine line to thin embellishments, like die cut lettering.  That way, I don’t get way too much glue on the item I’m gluing down.  I also bought some super cute tea and coffee time puffy stickers, so I’m pretty excited about those.  I also bought a bunch of stuff off a discount scrapbook supply online store for super cheap.


Saturday I had the 12 week Challenge class.  But when I got there and went to sign in, my name wasn’t on the sign in roster.  I asked and one of the trainers then texted the manager who initially said that the Saturday class was already maxed out with participants and I’d have to do the other class that meets on a weekday night.  So I asked for a refund.  To which he responded (not knowing that the trainer was allowing me to read the texts for myself) “we don’t want her to refund.  Sounds like she’s just being difficult so go ahead and let her attend the class.”  Wow, really?  You’re going to call a customer of yours “difficult”???  Part of me really, really wants to confront said manager and part of me doesn’t even want to go through the effort of trying.  Anyway, I got to attend the class and while I have to say it’s not much of a workout in regards to calorie burn (or at least this past Saturday’s class wasn’t), at least it’s got me doing exercises I don’t normally do, so that makes it worth the cost of the class.


After that, I stopped and bought some plastic drawer storage for my crafty table, then my friend Heather came over and we went downtown to pick up my race packet.

And I bought some Texas flag running shorts!  I saw some of them at the RNR San Antonio expo, but they didn’t have my size.  This vendor had my size and they were 20% off so of course I bought them!


On the way back to my car, I saw a guy carrying boxes of Voodoo Doughnuts so I asked Heather if she wanted to go real quick since it was super close and she said yes.  We both got a Butterfingering donut and she also got one of their water bottles.  I saw the stickers too late.  I mean, I suppose I could have still gotten some, but whatever.  If I go again, I’ll grab some stickers.

Then back to my place for some scrapbooking, but Heather forgot her pictures, so I scrapbooked and she organized her travel bag for about 45 minutes.  Then it was time to head to Trudy’s (a local chain Tex-Mex restaurant) for dinner with our friends Becky and Eileen.  After that we crossed the parking lot and did Painting With A Twist.  That’s one of those places where you drink while you paint.  This was my first time doing this and omg it was a blast!!!  I want to do it again and am now not adverse to going by myself.  I’d really love to do the “paint your pet” night! 

When I was in San Antonio for the New Year’s Day 5K, I grabbed my friend Becky a  “Come and Take It” hat, so she bought me a University of Colorado hat.

Sunday was the 3M half marathon.  I was really shooting for a second attempt at a sub-2 hour finish time.  I was wearing a pace band, but I didn’t really pay any attention to it after the first mile…after I caught up to the 2 hr pacers essentially.  Then I just played leapfrog with them for the majority of the race.  Something that pissed me off was that my Bluetooth earbuds kept cutting out due to the up to 50 mph wind gusts that were happening!  Also at a couple points the wind blew one of my legs into the other and I almost stumbled and fell down.  Long story short (hopefully I get the recap typed up soon so you can read the long story if you’re interested), I snagged that sub-2 hr finish time!  And I’ve now completed 4 of the 5 races in the Distance Challenge!  And all 4 are races I’ve never run prior to this challenge.  After the race, I ate donuts and took a 2 hour nap, then I meal prepped and scrapbooked.


And, last but not least, I had my 2000m row test for work.  So, to set the stage, last month I rowed it in 8:25 minutes and scored 109%.  On Monday I weighed 2 pounds more, rowed 1 second faster and scored 108%.  Woohoo!  I’m still super happy with my score.  And as an incentive I don’t have to do another fitness test this year, however I’m already signed up for the combat fitness test in September and if I score 90% or higher on that I get a special award, so I want that, so I’m telling my supervisor not to cancel me on that.

And now for some random pics.....

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