Thursday, January 5, 2017

Physical Therapy & Birthday Cake

OMG, these pimples need to hurry up and heal.  Like seriously.  My face looks “horrible” (to me, anyway…probably no one else even notices) right now.  I’m trying desperately to take care of my skin, but, 1, these pimples just popped up out of nowhere (probably due to one day it was below freezing and then all of a sudden it was summer in December so that probably totally threw my skin’s chemistry completely out of whack), and 2, I think I’ve managed to aspirate (sorry, TMI, I’m sure) all of them but they’re taking forever to heal.  It’s just annoying and I’m impatient.  Ugh.  This is the worst breakout I’ve had in YEARS.  Usually I’ll only get one or 2 pimples at a time, but this time I got like 6.


Thursday morning I had another appointment with the RunLab.  By far, my favorite session with them.  I actually broke a sweat and was wishing that I had tracked it as a workout on my FitBit!  This was a very active session with fairly challenging exercises and I just really liked it a lot.  And my therapist and I chat the whole time so the session goes by super fast.  He had me doing a lot of different kinds of directional hopping around with a resistance band around my knees on one foot with my other leg lifted up to the side to create tension.  I told him I had plans to run afterward and he said that was actually a really good idea because the muscles in my hip area would be all fired up and tight from being worked out with all the hopping that I’d probably be running with better form.  I really paid attention to how my right leg was extending with my stride.  I could tell when I started to get tired because I could feel and see my right leg locking out straight and hitting the ground ahead of me instead of under me like it ideally should do.


So, after my RunLab appointment I went and ran 7 miles around the Ladybird Lake hike & bike trail.  I was originally thinking I’d hit the gym and get some upper body exercises done, but between my PT session being an actual workout and running that 7 miles at a 10:52 pace, I didn’t have the time nor the inclination to go to the gym.  Besides, it would have just been a bonus gym session anyway.  My gym days are pretty much Sunday, Monday and Saturday.  And then my run days are Sunday, Monday, Thursday and (maybe) Saturday.  With my crazy work schedule that I’ve made for myself, I really have to optimize my free time with working out.  Of course, I have to remember to leave time for friends and other hobbies as well.  Like my Project Life undertaking that I’ll be doing this year (and if I really like it, then next year and the year after and so on and so forth).  Speaking of, I’m beyond excited for Project Life!  The cards I ordered off of Etsy arrived on Tuesday and I love them!  I can’t wait to start using them!!!


So, last month, one of the guys at work said he was going to bring me a birthday cake since it was my birthday last month.  Well, he forgot.  I was perfectly fine with that as I thought he was joking in the first place anyway.  Well, I’ve been poking fun at him for the last 3 weeks, randomly asking “where’s my cake?”  Ha!  Joke’s on me.  Thursday he came into work with a cake for me!  So sweet of him to do that.  Now I need to find out when his birthday is so I can do something nice for him in return.  I was thinking of a custom cake, but I think I’ll make him a custom present instead that I think he’ll get a kick out of.  Can’t say anything more on the off chance he finds this blog and reads it. 



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