Monday, January 30, 2017

Sleeplessness, Stamping, and a Lack of Mileage

Thursday morning I had physical therapy again.  I thought that we were doing a follow up gait analysis on me, however, it was a progress assessment.  What that means is that I performed a bunch of exercises that I had performed during my very first  PT session with RunLab.  There was 1-legged hopping, box jumps, 1-legged squats, and so on.  John, my PT, scored me based on my ability to do the exercises without fault (aka: without losing my balance).  I scored WAY better than I did in my initial assessment.  I was actually quite surprised with how much improvement I made in just 5 weeks, especially with how spotty I’ve been with doing my homework.  I have been foam rolling more often on my own since I have discovered that it makes not only my hip feel better, but my back too.  Shocker, I know right?

After physical therapy, I hit up Ladybird Lake trail for a 4-mile easy-paced run.  Very easy paced at a 10:45 pace.  Seeing as how I was just finally no longer sore from my sub-2 hour half marathon just 4 days prior, I didn’t think I should really do much more, even though I did want to do 7 miles.  also, physical therapy is pretty…well, physical…so I’m at the very least a “little” fatigued by the end of it.

I seem to be more hungry…or maybe it’s “hungry”…lately.  I’m not sure what is causing it, but one thing I don’t want to do, even in the smallest way, is to make excuses.  I don’t want to not take responsibility for how I eat.  I want to own that “ish,” you know?  Because if I don’t do that, then it sets me up for further failure to eat as I should and that just leads to further regaining of weight which I most certainly do not want to happen.  I think a few things are making it difficult for me.  1st is that I seem to be having continued issues with getting back on track thanks to the whole birth control fiasco.  I thought that once I got back on my previous pill (which I have been for about 3 months now), that within a few months everything would be as it was before, but it’s not.  And that is extremely frustrating.  Related to that is that I’m now having a cycle again.  And with a cycle comes bloat and water retention and occasional cramps and food cravings.  Lastly, there is the fact that I’m chronically sleep deprived due to working 64 hours between Monday and Friday and it’s not like those hours are evenly split between those 5 days (you know, like 12 hour shifts every day or something like that).  nope.  I wish!  Instead, I work 16 hours for 2 days in a row (getting just 2.5-3.5 hours of sleep each day), then my regular shift, then I get up early for PT and work another 16 hour day followed by 2.5-3.5 hours of sleep and another regular shift. 

As you can see, I don’t sleep much.  Frankly, I wouldn’t sleep too much more than I currently do even if I wasn’t working so much, because I have pretty bad insomnia that isn’t even helped by prescription sleep medication.  Also, I have my chronic pain issues that keep me from staying in bed for more than about 7 hours so even if I have time to sleep longer, I don’t usually sleep much longer because of the pain.

Saturday, I went to the Stamp Scrap Art Tour up in Plano, TX with my friend Jes and her boyfriend Manny.  I got up at 5am to make the 3-ish hour drive for the tour show.  We were an hour early so we could be one of the first 100 people in the door and get a key to the “treasure trunk” which would have won us $100 in tour bucks to spend at the show vendors.  However, before either one of us had a chance to go try our keys, someone else’s key opened it.  Wah wah.  Also, they had hourly drawings for door prizes, also for $100 in tour bucks.  We also didn’t win any of those.  And then, finally they had 2 baskets full of about $600 worth of stamping and scrapbooking items and we didn’t win those either.  My luck sucks sometimes.  Oh well.  I spent a smidge over my budget, but I’m okay with that.  I had a spending cushion anyway.  I was hoping that there would be more regular scrapbooking items (like Thickers and ephemera and embellishments and stickers, etc), but it was like 93% stamping stuff.  There were some die cuts, so I bought a few of those.  I used a few of them in the Spellbinders die cut/embossing machine I scored for super cheap at Tuesday Morning a few weeks ago and love them.  Oh and I also got 3 embossing folders.  Used the city skyline one in my machine on some black cardstock and love that too!  However, 2 of the dies I bought won’t work in my machine, so I suppose I’ll try and find a Sizzix Big Shot machine as cheap/discounted as possible because that is the machine that the packaging states it is compatible with.  Lame.  But, I really like the dies and even though they were in the 50% off basket at the booth I bought them from, they still weren’t super cheap.

We also stopped at the Tuesday Morning that was nearby the Plano Center where the Tour took place and I was able to assuage my desire to buy regular scrapbooking supplies.  I kind of regret not buying the fancy (well, fancier than the one I have) paper cutter that they had for $15.  Oh well.  I’ll be hitting up the Tuesday Mornings around me in the next few weeks looking for a Sizzix machine for cheap.  So maybe I’ll find another fancy paper cutter at one of them.

Sunday I found out my parents will be taking a cruise out of Miami for their anniversary in March and will be stopping to visit me.  OMG!  My apartment isn’t even close to being ready for a visit.  So I need to start cleaning and organizing NOW if I want it to be presentable by the time of their visit.  One of these years, I’ll have the time and money to go on one of their cruises with them.  Obviously, I would have my own cabin on the ship…duh! 

I seem to be having issues with being motivated to do anything active, beyond walking anyway.  This is frustrating to me.  I want to run, but then when it comes down to it, I don’t want to run.  Does that make sense?  I also don’t seem to want to go to the gym and do a workout like I need to be doing.  But, FYI, once I start, I’m usually fine and totally get into it.  If I can’t get my mileage in running to ramp up by the end of March, then I think I will abandon my 1300 miles in 2017 goal without guilt.  It’s just a goal anyway and there’s no requirement to hit it.  I ran 1274 in 2016 and my body seems to be pretty exhausted from that, hence my lack of high mileage so far this year.  But the good news about the lower mileage is my legs are more rested!  Haha, that can be good, but it can also be bad.  Everything will be fine.  Sure I have a time goal for the Austin Marathon next month…attempt #3 at a 4:15:00 finish, but I have no time goal for the 50K I’ll be running in March with my friend.  That is strictly a “fun run.”  Haha, 50Ks of fun! 

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