Friday, January 13, 2017

Stamps, Speedy Treadmill Hill Drills, & Project Life

Saturday when I was getting ready to meal prep, I went to get the onions to chop up for the meat sauce.  I moved the acorn squash and was shocked to see that one of my onions had sprouted!  I am keeping it!  My friend Amanda gave me some potting soil and I bought it a nice pot for it to move into.

So, I use to track my runs (on top of tracking manually in a little pocket calendar).  About a week into the new year, it emails me my stats for the previous year.  It’s always fascinating to see how many donuts I’ve burned off and how far around the world I made it.

Since I switched shifts with that girl and worked on Sunday for her, she worked on Tuesday for me.  At first, I was just going to sleep in, go to the gym and for a run and then chill until it was time for me to go to work for the overtime I signed up for on the night shift.  But then, when Amanda and I were hanging out on Saturday, she told me that Flix Brewhouse was playing Labyrinth in a tribute to David Bowie and you got a commemorative glass with your ticket.  I was expecting a regular pint glass, but they handed out brandy snifters instead!  How cool is that?  Also, I purchased the LAST ticket to the show!

And, of course, I have scrapbooked yet another page in my album already and we’re only halfway through the week.  Haha!  I put the onion in there.  The orange I vandalized last week made its way onto the page too.  And then, of course, I scrapped about the Labyrinth event!  I did have to redo the Goblin King 4x6 card as the stamp I used for the quote was messier than I was expecting it to be.  So I just washi-ed the entire card and will use it with another spread.  I’m really digging how I can use washi tapes on the cards to make custom backgrounds!  I really can’t wait to explore new ways of doing my cards.  I’ll be watching lots of process videos and being a creeper on the scrapbook Facebook group pages.

Anyway, Tuesday…since I was off from my regular afternoon/evening shift, I could “sleep in” and had set my alarm for 2:30pm.  However, I woke up around 1:15.  Ugh.  I can’t win.  Anyway, I suck at time management when it comes to running errands, so it was probably a good thing I did get up early (except for how tired I was when I was working my overtime shift that night) or I wouldn’t have had time to do ANY part of the workout I had planned on doing.  As it was, all I got done was a semi-speedy 3 miles on the treadmill, then all the strength training I did was the 3-way ab crunch machine and the back extension machine.  Oh well.  I wish I’d had time to do some of my PT exercises, but I just didn’t.  As it was I got to the theater for Labyrinth about 10 or so minutes later than I’d planned. 

By the way, I meant to post this Tuesday and then have a whole ‘nother post for today.  Oh well.  It’s all good.


I had another physical therapy appointment at RunLab Thursday morning.  He had me doing speedy hill drills for about 1 minute on the treadmill 8% incline then about 30 seconds of different strength exercises to fatigue my quads so that my hamstrings would fire up and take over my running stride.  By the end of the drills, I was clocking about a 7:45 min/mi pace and it was pretty much EFFORTLESS!  Wow, who woulda thunk that good form made you go faster?  The pros, that’s who.  HA!  Anyway, afterward, I went to the hike & bike trail and logged 4 easy miles.  I was hoping to run them fast-ish, but my legs were all sorts of tired from PT. 

After the run, I drove over to the nearest Michael’s to see if they had this unicorn stamp set I’ve been looking for.  And they did!  Plus they had some Valentine’s themed washi tape that I really want and will go back for this weekend.  It’s a tube of 8 rolls, but I mainly want the one with cameras, though I like all of them.  Just like the camera one the most.

When I got home and after I’d showered (of course), I worked on my Project Life some more and got 2 more pages done.  Though, I may go back and add some embellishments to one of the pages as it has pretty much none on it so it looks all plain and lonely.  I did pretty well with the page for the David Bowie Labyrinth movie screening.  I’m pretty happy with it.  My friend Derek said that layout was pretty cool.

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