Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Gym Closes Early on the Weekends!

Sunday night I made it to the gym before they close at 8pm.  Seriously?  A major gym that closes at 8pm on Saturday and Sunday nights?  Ridiculous.  Oh well.  I joined and now I have to deal with it.  I don’t *usually* go late but I have been known to make my appearance at the gym at 10pm before.  But, no more…at least not on the weekends.  So, anyway, I hit the treadmill up for 3 miles at a decent pace of 9:18/mi.  Then I did some upper body exercises (seated dip, bicep curl, pec fly, seated mid row, and torso twist machines). 

Monday morning, I had an appointment with that trainer at the gym, Josh.  Well, I got there a couple minutes early, put my stuff away in the locker room and then went up front to meet him.  Except he wasn’t there.  After about 5 minutes I asked if he was there and they said he knew he was meeting me but had to run home after an early morning session with a client.  Okay, cool.  The same thing happened last time I met with him.  So I went over to the stretching area and rolled around on the super knobby foam roller because my sciatic nerve is really bothering me lately.  Then I went back to the front and he STILL wasn’t there.  It’s now 10 minutes after the time I was supposed to meet him.  The other trainer said he’d go text him.  Like 1 minute later, Josh walked in the front door.  He went straight to asking what I’d decided about purchasing training sessions.  As much as I would love to buy them, I can’t afford it right now.  And, then, also, even if I could, I would NOT buy them from someone that can’t show up on time to an appointment.  I had 2 appointments with him and he showed up late to BOTH.  Tisk tisk tisk.


The only things I really took out of the appointment was 1, what I’m doing isn’t working so I need to change things up (but I already knew that) and 2, I really should probably get tested for Meniere’s Disease like my physical therapist suggested I do.  Josh talks sort of quietly but also has a semi-deep voice and I have always had severe problems understanding really low tones.  I can hear it, but really it’s more I feel it than I hear it and even if I do HEAR it, I can’t make out the words that the person is saying.  And that’s one of the symptoms of Meniere’s.  (there’s quite a few others and, frankly, I have almost all of them)


I did ask about the 12 week bootcamp I signed up for.  Apparently I was supposed to have done my official weigh in for that already.  Great.  So, while I’ll be participating in the first class, I’ll be weighing in with the second class.  Whatever.  I’m already going to miss the 2nd class as I’ll be out of town for a scrapbooking convention on the 28th.  This frustrates me a little bit, but I’m not going to miss that scrapbook convention and hanging out with Jes.  She really seems to be making an effort for us to be friends again so I want to make sure I put in the effort as well as I really would love for her and I to be real and actual friends again.  Not just people that are cordial and tolerant to each other at work.


So, wow, I got super sidetracked there.  Back to Monday.  After my craptastic meeting with the apparently always fashionably late Josh, I hit the floor for my workout.  I was going to log 3 treadmill miles, but at 2 I had to stop.  It was just too mind numbing for me and I couldn’t do anymore.  That was at a 10:02 pace.  Then I did leg curls, leg press, glute master, monster walks/sumo walks/duck walks (PT homework!), and the ab coaster.  I was going to call it good with that, but decided to hit the ladder machine for 10 minutes.  So, I’m pretty happy with that workout.

So, like I said, what I’ve been doing isn’t working.  So I need to change things.  I don’t want to be THAT person that is constantly blogging about how I need to change things, then about that I changed them, then about how I failed in my efforts and then starting over, and over, and over, etc etc etc all the damn time.  I strongly dislike reading other people’s blogs that do that so why would I do that to you?  So I’m very hesitant to write about starting over, yet again.  But, here I am, starting over again.  But not really.  I’m not starting over, more like I just took a few steps backward and have to find my way back to the path again. 


Project Life is going quite well!  I’m seriously enjoyed the heck out of it.  In fact, I’m enjoying it so much that I haven’t let myself get behind at all.  See, originally I was going to wait until the month was over to start working on it, but then I was like, nah I’ll just work on it at the end of each week.  Well, yea, so I don’t even let myself make it to the weekend.  I’m getting my layouts done the day of or, at the latest, the day after the event.  And then, over the weekend, I got bored after I’d done a “2017” 12x12 title page and then another 12x12 page to go behind the title page with my goals for the year listed out, and went ahead and have now already done my 4x6 title card for February!
my title page

my goals page that is on the back side of my title page

I bought a nice bowl this weekend and put some of those round glass “rocks” in the bottom of it and then planted Mr. Onion.  I watered him, but now he’s soft because he absorbed the water.  I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have submerged him so deeply into the soil…like maybe he should be more on top of the soil?  If you know about growing onions, please let me know if my onion should be half in the soil or more resting on top of it.  Thanks! 

I had PT on Tuesday instead of Thursday this week due to a temporary change in my OT schedule for this week only.  So I am working OT on Tuesday and Wednesday nights instead of my standard Mon, Tues & Thurs.  But I go back to that next week, so all will be right in the world again at that point.  My PT was done with another patient so that was fun…seriously, not being sarcastic.  She was a very nice lady and we got along just fine, in my opinion anyway.  Afterward, I was going to hit Ladybird Lake for a run, but since it was cold and rainy and I’m still not itching to run all the miles yet this month, I went to the gym and did my combat fitness practice instead.  And my phone didn’t save the selfie I took at the smith machine, so I’m annoyed about that.  Oh well.

I snapped a pic of my scrapbooking area as it is right now.  Something to keep in mind is that this picture was taken after I did a bit of organizing.  And it's still super crazy!  Since I live by myself, I do my scrapbooking in my living room because, well, it doesn't matter.  HA!  I'm hoping to get it a little more organized in the next week or two.  My apartment is a hot mess in general and I'm really going to be working on organizing the entire thing over the next few weeks.  Right now, I'm pretty sure if management came in my apartment, I'd get some sort of nasty-gram about the state of it.  And I don't need or want that to happen.  I want to get more of those drawers you see on the right to put on top of the table as the baskets I have there now are nice, but not really super functional and I have to dig in them too much if I want to get to what's at the bottom.  It's just inconvenient right now and I want to streamline things.  I also want to get another thing of the 8-square cubby shelf units to go behind the loveseat on top of the one that's already back there for more storage space.

On Saturday, I went to the Eckman's Toy and Comic show down in San Antonio.  I was fairly disappointed in the like 99% lack of things to do with the Legend of Zelda.  I was really hoping to find a Nintendo cartridge of the game, but alas, NO ONE was selling any Nintendo cartridges...not that I saw anyway.  What the heck?  There's always someone at this thing selling them.  UGH!  But, I did get to feed my My Little Pony and Spawn figure obsessions.  I got 3 super mini Pony figures and then 5 larger Pony figures that have brushable manes and tails.  And then I got the Spawn Redeemer figure.  Love them all!

And then, later that night, I went to Target and found this awesome beanie so I HAD to buy it!

And then, I really, really, really wanted mac'n'cheese and managed to find GLUTEN FREE mac'n'cheese so I can eat it without feeling like total crap!  And it's super yummy...WIN!

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