Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Karaoke, Handmade Gifts & Project Sara

First, this was supposed to be posted last week……..


When I stepped on the scale last Monday morning for my daily weigh in, I was shocked.  It said 172.  That’s now a re-gain of about 21 pounds since September!!!  Whoa.  Something needs to stop and something needs to change and it all needs to happen NOW.  I hope that this is the kick in the pants I need to get myself back in gear with losing weight.  I’ve been in such a rut when it comes to being motivated to lose weight.  Last week I came to the realization that while I still WANT to lose weight, I just don’t care right now.  I step on the scale every day and it has desensitized me to my weight.  Like, what I weigh really doesn’t matter to me…it doesn’t impact me like it used to.  That’s good and bad.  It’s good because I really shouldn’t be super focused on my weight anyway.  How I look, how my clothes fit and how I feel are way better judges of my overall fitness and health.  It’s bad because it doesn’t instill me with any kind of urgency to do anything about the fact that the number is slowly creeping up and up, higher and higher. 


So, as of Monday, I’ve cut my calorie intake.  This week, my meal plan looks like this:

• breakfast: yogurt fruit smoothie, 3 boiled eggs & coffee blended with butter (nixing the coconut oil…for now at least)

• lunch: chicken patty on 2 slices gluten free bread w/truffle mayo & deli mustard and lettuce leaves

• snacks: 2 cups of low calorie quark yogurt

• overtime snack: 3 apples, sliced


That’s at least 500 calories less per day that I’m cutting out so that should help a lot.


I’m starting to freak out a little bit.  I have LESS THAN 2 weeks until my next marathon and I do NOT feel like I’m prepared for the time goal I have.  I think I’m generally discouraged after having failed to hit 4:15:00 twice now.  So, while I’m going to wear a 4:15:00 pace band, I’m not going to kill myself trying to hit it.  If it happens, GREAT!  If not, then I’m going to be okay with it and not cry over it.  Okay, so I might cry at least a little bit if I don’t hit my goal, but that’s okay too.  It’s totally okay to be upset that you didn’t hit your goal.  But you know what?  There will be other marathons and Boston isn’t going anywhere, so I’ve got plenty of time.  Though, running marathons and training for them I think is really starting to wear on me.  My PT has recommended I consider dropping down to no distance greater than the half.  I’m okay with that, but I really want to run Boston once.  I need that unicorn. 


I think I’m going to start going to karaoke once a week on Sunday nights.  I went last Sunday to a new place and I really like it, called Top Spin.  It’s a nice and laid back place, lots of friendly people that can really sing!  So, instead of sitting on my ass at my desk on the computer and watching trashy TV on Sunday nights, I will go out and sing karaoke.  Besides, one of my New Year’s goals was basically to be more social and that definitely fits into that category!   Plus, I just really love singing.  Also, who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky and meet Mr. Right during a night of karaoke!  Ha!  Not holding my breath.


So, I’m super digging my new up-do for work.  The more I do it, the easier it is for me.  Also, it seems that it’s easier to do when my hair is slightly damp.  I don’t wash my hair every day, though.  Usually only on days that I’ve worked out and gotten all sweaty. 


I got some more pages done in my Project Life this past weekend.  I mentioned that in my previous post, but forgot to post pictures of the new pages.  When Amanda came over, she let me use some of her stamps, so I made some of my own PL cards, some with the purpose of lining them and using them for journaling.  I still need to color some of the stamps in to make them prettier.  I really love one that has a girl with an umbrella.

Tuesday, when I got up after my 3 hour “nap” between my overtime shift and my regular shift, I weighed myself as per usual and showed a 3.8 pound loss from Monday.  Yea.  Hello gluten bloat.  So, I’m just going to do my best to not consume gluten anymore.  If I want pizza, it’s to Russo’s I go (or somewhere else that I can find that has gluten free options).  And I just plain need to stop eating out more than once or twice a month, tops.


Thursday I had my physical therapy appointment where he had me do that exercise where I alternate intervals of increasing speed on the treadmill at 8% incline and various strength exercises.  Afterward ran 7 miles at a SUPER easy pace.


Saturday I had bootcamp and it was a really good class.  I’m really enjoying that class and I’m pretty sad that I’ll be missing 1-2 more classes.  I wish I could make it to the Monday night classes on the weeks I’ll be missing class, but it’s Monday night and, well, I’ll be at work.  Booo!  Oh well, it is what it is, right?  After that I had my deep tissue work at physical therapy.   That went fantastically.  Her appointment right after mine canceled, so she worked on me for an extra 5-10 minutes and let me tell you, that made a WORLD of difference.  I had like no back pain all weekend! 


After my deep tissue, I went to a place called Chi’Lantro (it’s Korean fusion food).  I got the kimchi fries, bulgogi burger and a grapefruit apple cider!  So yummy.  I was feeing the cider a bit, so I went next door to the thrift store where I picked up 3 dresses, 2 pairs of shorts and a canary yellow pair of 5 inch heels!  All for less than one of the dresses I got probably cost when it was new!

Saturday night, Amanda and I went to a coworker’s birthday party.  I wore one of the dresses and those canary yellow heels.  I danced a lot, ate cake and chips & queso. 

We left around 1am and I was home and in bed by 2.  And then I slept until freaking almost 10:40 Sunday morning!  I was supposed to meet my friend David at the Ethiopian restaurant at 11:30!  However, when I checked my phone I had a text from him.  He was sick and couldn’t make it.  So, instead I worked on my Project Life album, getting it caught up thru Saturday.  Put away a bunch of laundry, did the dishes.  Then I did Amanda’s Valentine’s present.

Amanda and I went to karaoke at that new place.  I sang 3 songs and she sang 1.  It was good times.  We both tried the pineapple cider…so good!

Monday morning, I had my follow up gait analysis filming.  That took about 25 minutes, then I was home shortly after 9…after stopping at the grocery store and buying the BIGGEST fuji apples I’ve ever seen!  I headed out for a 4 mile run at almost marathon GOAL pace, even though I’ve abandoned my goal of hitting a 4:15:00 finish at the Austin Marathon this coming Sunday.  I’ve decided I’m just going to do my best to hang with the 4:25 pace group.  That’s a 10:07 average pace.  I know I can do that.  I can do a 10:15…not super easily, but it’s totally doable.


I hit the self present jackpot Monday!  I got the new case (with Bluetooth keyboard!!!) I ordered for my new (free!) tablet from AT&T.  Super stoked about that.  I also got my order from Blitzy (mostly some super cute stamps plus some alphas and other sticker embellishments) and I’m very excited to use those to make some of my own Project Life cards.  I also got an order from Paper Issues (mostly paper…duh…but some stickers too), one of my orders from Peachy Cheap and my accidental order from the Disney Movie Club (I forgot to decline the monthly offering last month…oops) of the double feature of Pete’s Dragon (the original and the new one).

I’m thinking of semi-separating my posts on here.  What I mean by that is that I want to do separate posts that are about my Project Life.  I want to call these posts “Project Sara.”  What do you think?

And now a few random pictures from the last week or so.....

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  1. Project Sara is a great name. I missed your background post about project life, what it is, how it works, etc., but sounds like you're really enjoying it!


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