Monday, February 20, 2017

Pre & Post Marathon

Thursday morning, I had the review of my gait analysis filming with my PT at RunLab.  I’m coming along fantastically (or, to use his phrase, I’m doing awesome).  During my initial gait analysis, my hip drop on the right side was 10° (borderline excessive/severe).  Now, it’s just 4° (borderline normal/acceptable).  So we discussed options as far as how to move forward.  Obviously, I could just stop therapy now and call it good.  Or I could continue with how it’s been and just do maintenance.  OR, I could switch gears and we can start working on speed and power!  If you can’t tell by the exclamation point, I’m choosing speed and power!  My stride is pretty shallow and close, so we’re going to start working on opening that up and getting aerial with my stride!  WOOHOO!  He was going to have me do a fairly heavy workout, but since I was going to be running the Austin Marathon just 3 days afterward, he changed it to a soft tissue appointment instead to help relax my muscles.  He’s not as “mean” as Natalie is, but it was still good.  I got the go ahead from him to run 4 easy miles afterward. 


Saturday I had bootcamp in the morning and everyone was like why are you here if you’re running a marathon tomorrow?  Haha!  I drove straight from bootcamp to the expo.  I got some pretty awesome swag.  The shirt is pretty attractive and I absolutely LOVE the shoulder gym bag that all marathon participants received.  I’m going to buy some rip-stop type fabric and change out the bottom of the bag because right now it’s mesh and that won’t work.  I’m afraid it’s going to tear or otherwise come apart because I am now using it as my work overtime bag.  I also bought a pair of shorts at the RunJanji booth and a hot pink official merch hat.  Then I spent Saturday afternoon playing with my Project Life.


I went to bed late…as usual…Saturday night.  When I went to bed, it was 8 hours until the marathon was to start.  Oops.  Got up early and left about 15 minutes later than I’d planned to.  I really like getting to race start areas really early.  I’m terrified of being late and missing the start.  So I like to get to the start area about 45+ minutes before the race starts.  Double check all my gear.  Use the port-a-potty.  Get into my desired location within the corral.  You know, the usual stuff.


The race…well, other than the fact that I crossed the finish line without assistance, it sucked.  I’ll try to get a race report out soon.  But then, I have typed up race reports for so many races the last, what?  8 months or so?  And haven’t posted a single one of them.  Ugh.  I suck sometimes.  I’ll seriously try and get better about posting race recaps.  Maybe next weekend I’ll try and post the 2 from last month plus the one for the marathon.  We’ll see.  All I have to do for the ones from last month is add pictures and post. 


Sunday afternoon, I put together the majority of my Project Life spread for the marathon.  I used a 9 square (4x4 pockets) page for this one so that was fun.  I’m leaving 2 pockets empty until I get my official photos from the race.


Sunday I went to bed at like 9pm and slept until a little after 7am.  Then I went to my soft tissue appointment at physical therapy.  That was good, but not thorough enough.  I still have so many aches and pains and soreness.  But whatever.  It’ll get better and hopefully I want to run on Thursday and that’ll work out whatever soreness and kinks I still have going on.


After my soft tissue appointment, I drove to Joann’s where I, of course, bought some more scrapbooking stuff.  Then I went to UPS and picked up a small padded envelop that ridiculously required a signature.  It was 1 pack of tiny letter stickers.  I have no clue why that a) was shipped via UPS and b) why it required a signature.  They cost me like $3.  Really?  Whatever.  Then home to rush around and get ready for work.  I was lazy and didn’t do my hair with the pull thru braid.  I just did a quick bun since I was running behind.


OH!  I know what I’m forgetting to tell you!  A friend texted me Sunday after the race and I told him that it sucked and was my worst marathon.  His response?  “lol.”  Really?  Lol???  What on earth was funny about what I said.  Needless to say, it’s no loss to me to never answer a text from him ever again. 


  1. Just in case this is what happened...I know some less tech savvy people think that "Lol" means "Lots of Love" so don't be too hasty! I could be wrong but I have come across this before and found out later the the person didn't know what they were saying!!

    1. Sorry but no. The person was a 33 year old man not a sweet older lady


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