Monday, February 6, 2017

Stamping, a Tattoo & the Super Bowl

Let’s start this off with a bit of a back track.  I want to revisit Saturday’s trip to Plano with Jes and Manny.  I didn’t post any pictures in the last post and I’d like to do that now.  I had set a budget for myself for the convention and I exceeded that by about $25.  Not too bad, really.  However, I don’t need any more stamps for the rest of my life.  HAHA!  I’m sure that at some point there will be stamps that I find that I just HAVE to have.  But I don’t need anything for a good long while at the moment.  I got 3 embossing folders, a few dies, and a boatload of stamps!  I did buy some 12x12 papers, some wood veneers and paper embellishments, and a few alpha stickers from the Tim Holtz booth.  There was really quite a lot that I wanted from that booth, but the things I wanted were all so pricey, so I skipped them.
who can resist balloon animal stamps?!?!?!

For a late lunch on Saturday, the 3 of us headed over to Spaghetti Warehouse.  I got the Italian Burger and, other than needed probably a little mayo, it was amazing and delicious!  We all got a sample of the red sangria and it was fabulous!

As I mentioned, we went to the nearby Tuesday Morning post-convention and then after that we went across the highway to a vintage clothing and costume shop.

Okay, now onto Monday.  I was up around 6:30, had my coffee and prompted did NOT want to work out.  I was going to do an 8 mile run.  Nope, didn’t want to do it.  Then I was going to go to the gym.  Nope, didn’t want to do that either.  Instead, I made this accordion insert for this decorative storage box I picked up at 40% off from Michael’s on Sunday.  I then stuck all my clear cling stamps (that I could find.  I knew there were some more hiding somewhere, I just didn’t know where off the top of my head) in the slots.  So, now instead of being in like 3 or 4 different drawers in those drawer storage containers I have in my crafty area, they are now super easy to find and are all in one box.

After that, I decided I’d go to another Tuesday Morning and see if I couldn’t get lucky and find a Sizzix BigShot or BigKick machine.  I have that Spellbinders machine, but the 2 Tim Holtz dies I bought say they’re only compatible with the Sizzix machines and I’ve tried to use them in my Spellbinders machine and they’re not working.  I didn’t find a Sizzix machine, but I did find a We R Memory Keepers machine that was similar to the Sizzix machines.  But, when I got home with it, 1, I discovered it didn’t have its crank handle in the box and, 2, the dies don’t work with that machine at all.  So I’m returning it.  On I found the magnetic base plate that goes with the Tim Holtz dies, so I’m going to buy that and see if that won’t get them to work with the Spellbinders machine I already have.  If not, then I’ll go ahead and buy the Sizzix machine and then sell the Spellbinders because I don’t need 2 machines for the same purpose.  That’s just silliness. 


After that, I decided that I didn’t want to NOT workout and I was already in workout clothes, so I grabbed all my stuff and went up to the fitness room at my apartment complex to do that speedy hill treadmill interval workout with the quad fatiguing exercises in between the intervals.  I did a total of 1 mile of sprints and then did a semi-speedy 2nd mile.  Oh the “hill” was an 8% incline, just in case you wanted to know.

I’m trying to stop chewing on and picking at my cuticles.  I’ve been good for a few days (since late last week, actually) about it and they’ve gone from an “angry red” to a more “mildly annoyed pink.”  I think something that really helps them heal is this homemade hard lotion my friend Kirsten (aka: “coach”) made herself and gave me for Christmas!  I love it.  I put it on at night before going to sleep and while it’s initially a little oily, there’s no gross residue or anything when I wake up like there always was with regular lotion.  Also, I really like the smell.  Without asking her what she used (besides wax, of course), I’d guess that there is olive oil and tea tree oil in it.  I should ask her for her lotion recipe because I really do love it and want to keep using it.


I’ve got a new hairstyle for work!  It looks kinda fancy, but really, it’s quite easy (just a little more time consuming than what I was previously doing with my hair).  I watched about an hour total of different videos on YouTube to make sure I got the process down pat.  I think it looks pretty good.  And everyone else says they like it too.  The look I’m going for is like a fluffy faux hawk.  The style is called a “pull thru braid.”  I don’t even know how to describe it, but if you’re interested in checking it out, just google “pull thru braid.”

I’m training in a new area at work and it’s a super busy, multitasky position.  I really like it as it makes the day go by SUPER fast.  I have to really pay attention as there is a lot to remember and, like I said, it’s very fast paced.


Thursday, I had physical therapy again.  My appointment time changed from 8 to 7am and the funny/sad thing is I only have to wake up like 20 minutes earlier to get there on time.  Stupid traffic.  During my appointment, John (my technician) did some slow-mo video of me running on the treadmill to check out the progression of my hip drop.  Back in December it was around 10°.  Now, it’s around 4°!  Woohoo!  Just think if I’d been doing my PT homework on a consistent basis how much more improvement I’d be showing by now!  He had me run with my feet fairly wide apart and that was super awkward for me and he said I looked pretty robotic.  So then he had me run with my feet slightly wider than my regular stride and that was way more comfortable for me and my hip drop was basically non-existent!  He also had me run with my elbows tuck into my sides more and my hands angled out a little bit.  It makes your back straighter and your lungs more open. 


Anyway, on my post PT run, I stayed parked at RunLab and just ran down the street in the same direction as I did for the Black Eyed Pea Run on December 31st with Rogue Running.  Except I didn’t go almost 12 miles.  Just 6 this time.  I felt pretty fantastic during the run.  I tried out being mindful of my stride and doing the slightly wider than my regular stride and the tucked elbows with the flared out forearms and hands.  I really think that helped a lot with how I felt during the run.  My pelvis definitely felt way more stable.


I really think that my lack of high mileage in January was quite beneficial for me.  During my run on Thursday, I felt fantastic and rested and like my body was saying “Let’s go!  Let’s do this!”

After that, I returned that second die cutting machine I had bought and then went to another Tuesday Morning and, of course, bought MORE scrapbooking stuff.  Haha.  Mostly alphabet stickers.


I meant to post this on Saturday but got busy busy.  I had my boot camp class at 9:30, but I had to show up 45 minutes early to do my “before” weight and pictures for the challenge program that the bootcamp class is part of.  Plus we did my “fit test” that consisted of 2 minutes of squats, 2 minutes of step ups, 1 minute of situps, 1 minute of pushups, and a bent arm hang.  I got a score of 64%...which is deceiving because that 64% got me a rating of “Very Good” which is like 2 spots above average.  So I’m pretty happy with my 64%.


Then I had to rush over to RunLab for my deep tissue appointment.  Boy did that appointment kick my ass this time.  Like seriously.  I think she bruised me this time.  But it’s in my best interests.


After that, I rushed home, changed clothes really quick and headed over to my tattoo artist where I got a little home state love tattooed on the inside of my right bicep!  Woohoo!  He did an amazing job with the splatter for the heart inside the outline of Oregon.  I really do love it.  And, it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I was thinking it would hurt being so close to my armpit.  At one point I asked if it would be bad if I fell asleep.  I was so tired.  I didn’t fall asleep, though, in case you were wondering. 

Then the DirecTV technician came by to install my satellite TV service.  YAY!  He was really nice and even played with Vlad (one of my kitties). 


Sunday, after sleeping for almost TEN hours (told you I was tired), I got up and had my coffee.  Then I took a shower and hit the store for some grocery shopping.  Amanda came over around noon and we hit the road for IKEA where I bought a Raskog (a 3-tiered rolling cart that “legit” scrapbookers all have…so I guess I’m not a “legit” scrapbooker…haha) and some clip-on tubs that I have since put pens, scissors, an x-acto knife, tweezers, staplers, glue and adhesive runners in for easy access and so I can quit misplacing them and forgetting where I put them.  After IKEA we went to Joann’s Crafts and I got another decorative storage box that I later made into another accordion storage, this one for about ¼ of my alpha stickers (I might have an alpha sticker problem…lol).  And then one last stop at Marco’s for our pizzas.


Back at my place, we turned on the Puppy Bowl while beginning our crafts.  I made the accordion storage and then started work on catching up my Project Life album.  Amanda pulled out her clear cling stamps and I went through them and picked out a few and made some journaling and filler PL cards with them.  I just need to color them in and they’ll be done.


Monday morning I was going to go for a run since I didn’t do that Sunday morning.  However, I had to call AT&T to cancel my U-verse TV service.  I thought I’d be on the phone for like 15 minutes…tops.   But, I was on the phone for over an hour, but she bundle my DirecTV (since they’re partnered with AT&T) with my AT&T internet and my AT&T cellphone services.  She got me a $10 discount on my internet…and that’s a lifetime price for as long as I have my account with them.  And then she asked if I’d thought of adding a tablet to my service to which I said yes, then plugged my tablet in, thinking I’d need to give her the info off of it so she could hook it up.  But, she surprised me when she started talking about free shipping and whatnot.  Wait, what?  A free tablet…well, it cost me $1.07.  But, free shipping, free activation.  Yes please.  And from what I hear from some friends, the tablet I’ll be getting is pretty awesome.  So I’m excited.  She said I should have it within about 5 business days.  Yay!!!


Needless to say, I didn’t have time to run Monday morning…ugh!!!  But, my back still hurts pretty bad from that 10 hours in bed Saturday night (geez), so I’m not sure how well the run would have gone anyway.

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