Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Bootcamp & Medals

Okay, after last week’s major catch up post-fest, let’s see if I can just start posting on a regular basis again. 


Saturday was the last class for my bootcamp challenge.  I’m a little sad that it’s over.  I really enjoyed the class and it definitely does not feel like it’s been 12 weeks.  But!  Because we committed to 12 weeks of bootcamp, they extended a deal to us.  $20 off the monthly cost of the Gold’s Studio package!  That includes the Gold’s Fit, Gold’s Burn and Gold’s Cycle classes.  And it’s an unlimited program which I didn’t realize.  So, for $89 a month I can attend as many classes as I’m physically able to attend and it’s all included!!!  They did inform me that if I sign up for a class and no call/no show or don’t cancel with at least 24 hr notice that there is a fee for that of $15.  She said the Gold’s Fit classes are never full so that I’m okay to sign up last minute or just walk in for one of the classes. 

After bootcamp was physical therapy.  Ugh, I exhausted my cheap copay visits and my copay went up with my last visit.  I’m seriously considering just making an appointment with the therapist outside of there for a full hour, but I’m not sure when I’d be able to do that since I don’t think she works on the weekends outside of the hours she works Saturday morning at RunLab.  Sigh.  I’ll have to talk to her and find out. 


On my way home, I stopped and picked up my packet for my race on Sunday.  The expo was seriously disappointing.  Granted this was the last year for this race so I guess a lot of vendors didn’t sign up to be there.  There was absolutely nothing I wanted to buy.  So I was there for just long enough to get my bib, my shirt and walk around and take a quick look at the vendors that were there and then I left.  I stopped after that at P. Terry’s and got a burger, like I usually do the day before race. 


I went to karaoke Saturday night because I was bored and didn’t feel like doing the things I should have been doing, like working on my costume for Sherwood Forest Faire.  I only stayed until midnight since I had to get up at 6am Sunday morning for the race.

Sunday, I got up, got dressed and headed out the door, coffee in hand.  I got there pretty early and just chilled in my car until it was time to go to the portas and meet up with my friend Rob.

Rob took off with the hopes of a new PR and I took off with the hopes of just finishing.  Long story short, the race went pretty fantastic until the final like 3 miles where there were a few looooong gradual inclines that just plain kicked my ass.  At the 10K, I was on pace for a new PR, but then there were those inclines and I was toast.  But, I still finished stronger than I thought I would.  I gave everything I had in me which was way more than I thought possible.  I took a 3 hour nap that afternoon!  Boy was that nice!  And then, of course, I went to karaoke again!

Monday morning, I went to the gym and first thing I did was find trainer Rachel and signed up for the Gold’s Studio package!  I also got 4 free classes from a promo they’re doing right now.  I signed myself up for 2 of the Gold’s Burn classes and 2 of the Gold’s Fit classes over the next 2 weeks.  I’m excited!  I’m starting to get motivated to workout again.  Saturday I did bootcamp, Sunday I ran the Austin 10/20 and then Monday I did a workout that was mostly given to me by my friend Grif.  I didn’t do the entire workout he gave me as I don’t know what some of the exercises are, but I’ll talk to him and get him to explain those ones to me so I can do them with my next general gym workout.  But, I still had a great workout.  I tried out the lateral elliptical and I kinda like it.

So, my PLAN for my Studio package is to do 2-3 classes a week.  At the very least, one Burn and one Fit class.  Then I might throw in either a second Burn or a Cycle class to round out my week along with a general gym workout.  Currently, my gym doesn’t have any of the wall balls in the general area of the gym because people don’t use them properly so they’re all exploded and ruined and they’re waiting on the new ones that they ordered that are better quality.  After they get those in, I can start doing the entire workout.

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  1. Love the top you wore to the race, so cute! Some day you should run the cherry blossom 10 miler in DC and wear it!


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