Monday, April 3, 2017

More Updates + The Half That Wasn't

Okay, so, more updates!  I didn’t want to post everything in one giant post, so I decided to break it up into 2 posts instead. 


Last week, I did something that is trendy right now but sets my OCD on high alert.  I wore non-matching socks.  No one could see them.  But I knew.  I knew they didn’t match.  See, they’re 2 socks whose mates were eaten by the dryer or stolen by the sock gnomes at some point.  But they’re still perfectly good socks so I didn’t want to just toss them.  Besides, maybe someday their partners will turn back up!  Hey, you never know…it could happen.  So yea, I work non-matching socks on a day I worked a double shift!  So my OCD was going bonkers for like 18 hours!!!  But, I survived.  I didn’t die or have a stroke or anything.  So I took a picture to remember the occasion by (and, in case you’re wondering, yes it did end up in my Project Life…haha).

This past weekend was the Alamo Run Fest down in San Antonio.  There were 5k, 10k and half marathon options.  I, of course, signed up for the half.  So I drove down Saturday to attend the expo and packet pickup as I have discovered it’s much cheaper (money-wise, not time-wise) to drive down for packet pickup and then back down for the race than it is to get a hotel room.  Must save money where I can.  So, I get there for packet pickup and the line for bibs was stupid and ridiculous.  For as big as this event is, they were looking up bibs manually from a printed out list.  Really?  Most races this size (heck, lots of races smaller than this one even!) use tablets to look up bibs.  Then, when the guy crossed me off the list that I had gotten my bib, he did so before telling the bib grabber what bib number to grab and crossed off my info so well he almost couldn’t read my bib number.  Ugh.  Anyway, that was at LEAST 10 minutes in line for my bib.  Then…then I had to go stand in yet another long line for my shirt.  And it’s a good thing I’m no longer bigger because they only had small and medium (unisex sizing) shirts left.  SERIOUSLY?!?!  They were also giving everyone a complimentary bottle of olive oil.  Then I perused the vendors.  Not impressed.  I swear based on what their website said, that there should have been TWICE the amount of vendors that were there.  I bought from one vendor, Infinite Alchemy.  I’ve bought from them before and love their stuff.  I bought a cute pair of shorty runner shorts in a nice lavender color. 

After the expo, I met my friend Jennifer at Cullum’s Attagirl and got some PB&J wings and a waffle with edible glitter on it!  In fact, the wings had edible glitter on them too!  Everything was soooo good!  A local lady makes these super cute earrings and I just had to buy 2 pairs.  One is pink roses and the other was cherries.  And the pink roses ones seriously make me want to get my traguses pierced.  So I’ll probably do that while I’m on vacation next month, that way they should be healed enough for me to switch out the jewelry from the piercer with something more discreet for work.  After that, I went to Victoria’s Secret and spent over $100 on sports bras and things!  Sheesh!  Oh well, I love everything I bought so therefore I don’t regret it, but I do wish it had been a smidge cheaper.  Then to Academy for some new boots for work.

Then I went to the Freetail Brewery and hung out with my friend JennaLou.  She’s one of the managers there and comped my beer!  She also gave me a koozie, that I prompted cut the logo out of when I got home so it could go in my Project Life.  Haha!  Then I headed home to get everything ready for the race Sunday morning.

Okay, so it was supposed to rain all weekend, but it didn’t rain at all on Saturday.  I knew it was going to rain Sunday and that was okay.  I’d just get rained on while running, no big deal.  So I left about 10-15 minutes later than I intended to leave and arrived to park on site just 20 minutes before the race was set to start.  I got myself kitted up and headed for the portas.  Holy cow, much like the lines at packet pickup, the line was ridiculous.  They had maybe 12 portas for the 1000s of people that were there.  I was in line until after the race was SUPPOSED to have started, but they delayed the start, so it was okay.  I did my business and then made my way thru the corral to the 2:20 pacer who I hoped to keep up with.

We stood there for about 7 minutes past the delayed start time and then they made an announcement.  They were canceling the half marathon due to a forecasted massive storm cell that was moving into the area and would be on course before we were finished running it and for the safety of the runners, they called the race.  They sent us inside the Alamodome.  I ended up talking to a Camp Gladiator lady and was highly tempted to sign up for their 1 month challenge as it was discounted $20, but ultimately decided not to impulse spend.  They ended up handing out everyone their medals as they canceled the entire event.

I still had hopes of hanging out with Jennifer again, but then the storm rolled in and I opted not to make her go out in it and just made my way home.


OH!  When I was driving down for the expo, I stopped at Buc-ee’s in New Braunfels and they had a hot pink RTIC 30oz tumbler.  I HAD to get it.  And seeing as how it was only $11, why not?  I love it so much.  I want to see if a friend of mine will make me some custom decals to put on it so I can personalize it! 


Okay, back to the half that wasn’t real quick before I finish with this update.  I won’t be attempting this event again.  The organization was absolutely horrible and completely inefficient in my opinion.  I’m sure it’s a great course as I’ve heard it is, but the whole thing was just so frustrating.  I understand them canceling it in the end wasn’t their fault, but they could have at least refunded our $20 for parking when we were only there for like an hour and didn’t even get to run the race!  But, so, yea, I got my medal at least, so that means at some point, I have to do 13.1 miles on my own to “earn” it before I feel okay with hanging it on my wall.  Not that I actually have anywhere to hang it right now because my medal racks are all full and I already have like 4 or 5 other medals waiting for me to buy a new rack so they can be hung up.  Haha!


Sunday night, I went to karaoke with Hannah…FUN!  I really love karaoke.  I got there and was like, is the bar closed tonight?  Because there was NO ONE there.  Like, I think there were 6 or so customers in the bar + the employees.  I got to sing at least 7 songs.  I sang a bunch of new-to-me songs and that just makes me happy.  Got to talk with Casey some more.  He’s a pretty nice guy and I’d like to talk to him more.  He said that we should sing together sometime, which I’m totally up for.  The more I get to sing, the better!


Monday morning, I WENT TO THE GYM!  This is the first time in probably 2 months that I’ve gone to the gym not for bootcamp!  I’m pretty proud of myself.  I think…I HOPE…that I’m coming out of my slump.  I’m now at the point where I have to re-drop 20 pounds to get back to where I was last summer.  Ugh.  I would LOVE to drop 10 pounds at least before my road trip next month.  That would just be fantastic in so many ways.

In part one of this update, I forgot to mention I went to the Sherwood Forest Faire with my friends Amanda and David.  I dressed up in my fox costume as it’s always a “fan favorite.”  I was actually quite disappointed.  As annoying as it can be for people to ask, only 3 people asked me “what does the fox say?”  The first lady to ask was one of the vendors and she quoted the song in Shakespearian speak…it was pretty epic and I quite enjoyed it!  I did my own face paint for it and I am very happy with how it turned out!  I’m getting pretty good with doing my own face paint!

Also, I got unicorn leggings!!!!

And, of course, a random picture of my furbabies how I found them when I arrived home from the failed half marathon...haha!  So cute and lazy.  I love them!

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  1. We had massive storms on Sunday here too, and they canceled the Big D full marathon (but still ran the half, in the storms, sounded miserable from my friends who did it). From my own experience with races like yours (poor expo management, poor start line logistics), you're probably better off that it was canceled, I bet at least 50% of their volunteers would have been no-shows, so water stops and course directions would have been a mess and you might well have really hated it.


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