Monday, April 3, 2017

Project Sara: Episode 2

It’s been quite a while since I posted any updates about my Project Life.  I’m sorry.  I really completely and absolutely LOVE working on it and love talking about it and sharing it with people.  If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve probably already seen my more recent spreads, so this will be nothing new for you. 
First up is the final draft of the first page for the month of March.  It has me singing karaoke, a couple pictures of Vlad (my black kitty).  Then there’s a few pictures from the Warrior Dash and my wooden cube “medal” from it.  In the bottom right corner is a picture of the wooden “medal” from the half marathon I ran later that same day as the Warrior Dash, and next to that is journaling about my very first double race day.  And, of course, a great picture of my boys cuddling with their front legs wrapped around each other!

Then there’s the page for my VERY FIRST ULTRA!!!!  Race recap is handwritten, just needs to be typed up and pictures added and then posted.  I’ll try to get to it this weekend.  But we’ll see.  I had a lot of fun with this page.  I had bought a super cute stamp and die set for an adorable little cartoonish cactus holding a sign and there are a few little phrase and word stamps that you can use to stamp onto the sign (like “free hugs”).  My friend Ben ran this race with me and he’s the guy right behind me in the pictures.  I had ordered 2 stickers off Amazon.  One said “ULTRA” and the other said “>26.2.”  I decided to use the “ULTRA” for this page and I really love how it turned out.  I used a washi tape with cactus on it to make the background for the card and then stuck the sticker on and cut the card in half so that it could span two 3x4 pockets.  Then I stapled 2 little cactus paperclips to the card with my Tim Holtz tiny attacher.  Also on this page was a picture of the sunset from the top of the employee parking garage at work that I used the Prizma app to edit.  There is also a picture of the damage to my car.

Next up is a page that is slightly out of order in the sequence of events.  See, the Distance Challenge party(the top line) actually happened the weekend before my first ultra marathon, but I forgot to print out the pictures so I completely spaced on putting it in my PL in the proper order and now it was too late, so I just added it where it is now.  On the second line, there is a picture of a deer I took during the ultra that I just had to include in my PL, so there’s that as well.  Just under that picture of the deer is a card I made myself!  The background is from one of the spring cups from Starbucks and I glued and cut down a gift tag that is shaped like a deer…to go with the picture of the deer, of course!  Then there are pictures of my two furbabies snuggling up to me after I arrived home from running the ultra.  Some journaling next to that about the ultra.  On the bottom line is some more journaling, a picture of me I took on range qualification day and then the spring deal from Facebook on the first day of spring.

After that, we have a mostly girls weekend page.  First, top left corner is a picture of my feet.  I got my annual pedicure and I think my feet look all pretty now, so I had to take a picture of them.  Next to that is a picture of a plain Starbuck’s cup.  Why?  Because they’re supposed to have the spring cups now, but so far I’ve only found them at ONE Starbuck’s.  So disappointing, really.  The next pocket over is my movie stub plus a mini movie poster for The Shack.  I read the book a few years ago and LOVED it, so of course I had to see the movie with Heather.  Now I want to read the book again!  The pizza was from when Heather and I went to Amanda’s house to watch The Princess Bride.  We bought frozen pizzas and I got a fig and prosciutto.  It was so good, but a bit too sweet so I probably won’t get that one again.  Next line down is from when Hannah, Jen and I went to see Beauty & The Beast at Flix Brewhouse.  OMG, looooove that movie too!  on the bottom line is a picture of the hated rental car, a list of what I did that weekend, a picture of Oliver “nesting” on my Sam’s Club cooler tote, and a picture of a banana peel on someone’s tire in the employee parking garage at work that I just thought was hilarious.  This page isn’t very embellished and I might very well come back to it at a later point and add to it.  If I do that, then I’ll post an updated picture of it.

The final page I’m showing here is of the trip to Sherwood Forest Faire.  I unfortunately didn’t take a selfie with Amanda…not sure what was wrong with me on that as Amanda and I ALWAYS take a selfie together.  But I did get one with David.  Plus a great tall & skinny picture of the sign post that is just inside the front gate.  There is also 2 of the same picture of my new unicorn leggings that I used sort of as filler cards.  Then a picture of a musical group playing on the new stage at the festival and then two 4x6 filler cards.  The one that says “so much fun” has a washi tape background.  I used a washi tape that has a bunch of fox heads on it.  I really, really enjoy doing card backgrounds with washi tape.  Makes it more unique and personal that way. 

Hopefully next week or the week after I’ll have at least 2 or 3 more pages to share with you! 

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