Sunday, April 16, 2017

Water Bottles & Dresses

So, while bootcamp came to a conclusion, that is most definitely NOT the end of the story.  Quite the opposite, in fact.  I’m starting over…YET AGAIN.  Ugh.  I severely dislike when I’m reading another person’s blog and they’re always writing about starting over…almost every single post they write.  So, granted, I don’t think I’m annoying in that respect in that I’m not starting over again every single time I write a post, but it feels like it to me.  I just feel like I can’t get a handle on things.  I burned myself out with running last year by running almost 1300 miles and 31 races.  Don’t think that means I don’t love to run anymore because I still very much do love to run, I just don’t currently have the motivation to run as frequently as I did last year.  I’m averaging about 52.5 miles a month.  So far for April I have just shy of 14 miles.  Hahahaha!  I’m guessing I might get up to 30-35 miles this month.  Not really concerned about it right now, though.  I might do more.  I do still have to make up that half marathon that got canceled so I can “earn” my medal and feel okay hanging it on my wall….when I get another medal rack, that is.  I have like 6 medals waiting for me to buy a new rack that are currently just hanging out on my desk. 

So, I mentioned that the end of bootcamp wasn’t the end of it all.  I mentioned in my last post that I had signed up for the Gold’s Studio package.  The Studio package includes the “premium” group classes.  You know most gyms have Body Pump, Zumba, yoga, pilates, step class, etc.  Well, certain Gold’s locations also have classes called Gold’s Fit and Gold’s Burn.  Gold’s Fit is a class that is modeled after crossfit.  Gold’s Burn is the same general idea as the workouts done at Orange Theory Fitness.  

So, this past Thursday, I did my first Studio class!  I did the Gold’s Burn class.  The coach was one of the coaches from the bootcamp class, Angela.  I like her a lot and have serious thigh envy of her thighs.  They’re amazing and strong and I want mine to look like that.  They’ll get there.  So, I started on the treadmill and we did intervals between walk, jog, run, sprint, and then different levels of incline too.  After that, we moved to floor work where we did some strength training circuits.  Then back to the treadmill for more intervals and then one more time with the floor work.  I burned almost 400 calories in an hour…pretty great!
After my Gold's Burn class, I went to Marshall's to see if I could find a new water bottle for the gym since I left my good bottle at the gym a couple weeks ago and have been using a backup bottle that I don't super like.  Well, I found a great bottle.  It's only 20 oz.  But it was so cute that I couldn't pass it up.  Don't you agree?

I had a pretty crazy busy go-go-go type of day on Saturday.  I want to preface this by saying how I really, really wanted to go to karaoke Friday night, but ultimately decided that I needed sleep more.  I woke up a little after 6am on Saturday and headed to the Austin State Hospital campus and picked up my packet and then hung out in my car until my friends Rob and Ben arrived.  The race went pretty well.  Again, just like with the Austin 10/20, I am still not at what I would consider a level of training that would allow me to run “fast.”  Yet, I pushed myself and I finished in 27:02 and snagged another golden bunny award for placing 3rd in my age group!  I’d also like to point out that is my 2nd fastest 5k time…but only by 20 seconds.  Oh and for the first 1/3 or so of a mile, I was sub-7:00!  Yea, I know that was pretty stupid of me, but it felt great so I went with it.  Someday that will be my norm for a 5k for the entire thing.  Someday. 

After waiting around for the awards ceremony, I hauled ass to RunLab for my physical therapy.  It would really do me a lot more good if I actually did my PT homework instead of just thinking about it.  Thinking about doing it will do me no good at all.  None!  So, I really would like to TRY and make a point to work on that.  We’ll see what happens.  I think I’ll set some calendar reminders on my phone.  After PT I again hauled ass, this time to make it to my gym in time for the 11am Gold’s Fit class I’d signed up for.  I loved this class.  Loved it!  La-la-la-loved it.  Seriously.  I’m signed up for another Fit class for tomorrow morning and I’m really looking forward to it. 

Yesterday was my friend Hannah’s birthday, so I went to the mall hunting for a really good present for her.  Sadly, I didn’t find anything at all for her.  On another note, I found plenty for myself.  Haha.  I got 3 new dresses.

I also bought 4 new pairs of gauges.  I was pretty dang excited when I found the donut ones…pink icing with sprinkles!  I couldn’t resist them.  There was just 1 set left in my gauge size.  It was meant to be.
I also got another new water bottle.  Haha.  I seriously couldn’t resist this bottle either.  It’s adorable.  I looooove mermaids and unicorns, so what better than a water bottle with “mermicorns” on it?!?!?!  NOTHING!  They also had air fresheners of this Tokidoki mermicorn.  Part of me wants it as a tattoo.  Not kidding at all.  It’s so cute!  And so me!  Random side note…speaking of tattoos…I’ve decided what I want to get as the filler design on my arms to make my tattoos into solid sleeve tattoos: mermaid scales!!!  Brilliant, huh?
Anyway, I met Hannah, her roommate and another lady named Jen at Chuy’s Tex-Mex restaurant for Hannah’s birthday dinner.  Since I felt bad for not having her present last night, I had the waiter put her meal on my ticket on the sly.  Then we went to karaoke and had a pretty good time.  There was an embarrassingly drunk woman that kept coming over to our table and being loud and obnoxious.  I’m sure she’s a nice lady when she’s sober but OMG she was so obnoxious and said so many offensive things.  After she left, these 2 guys, Nate and Ruben, came over to our table and bought us a few drinks.  I danced with Ruben a few times and that was fun.  Turns out that just because you don’t 2-step for over 10 years doesn’t mean you forget how to do it...who knew?!?!  Hahaha.  And like a bad friend, I completely spaced on taking pictures the entire night.  Oops.  Well, actually, I did take one picture…of that Nate guy wearing Hannah’s “Birthday Bitch” headband tiara thing. 

Then I slept a GLORIOUS 8 hours last night.  I set no alarm and just slept until I woke up!  Then I decided that I’m just going to wear repeat costumes to Sherwood Forest Faire next weekend.  I just don’t feel like sewing right now, so no new costumes will be made at this time.  I have some time off put in for a few days in June that were supposed to be for competing in the Texas Police Games (I was going to run the 5k and 10k), but I changed my mind about that for financial reasons.  If the vacation gets approved, I’ll just use that time for cleaning my apt and for costume making.  

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