Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Trail Biking & Costumes

Sooooo, I’m going to make an effort to post on here…regularly.  Not sure what that’s going to translate into, but I’m going to give it a good effort.  I still haven’t been running.  Buuuuut!  I have a plan!  Well, a plan on how to HOPEFULLY get back into running on some sort of basis again.  I’m thinking just twice a week and probably mostly on the treadmill…after whatever class I’m taking at the gym that day…at least for the time being, anyway.  So, my plan to get started up again happened this past Sunday morning at about 6:45 CST at the Texas State Capital building in Austin, TX…after I worked a 16 hour shift and had been up since 9:30am Saturday morning.  I meet up with the ATX branch of the SportsBraSquad!  They offered 2 routes: 2.4 and 3.6 miles.  I wanted to go for the longer one, but figured the shorter would be better since, you know, I hadn’t ran in over 2 months for more than ½ mile at a time. 


Let me just tell you how that went.  Soooo, I had committed to running the shorter route on Sunday.  Both distance groups set out together as the first 1-ish mile was together, then the shorter route was to make a turn first.  Well…you see what happened was…right before said turn, I tripped and fell.  I got abrasions on my right elbow, both knees, and even on my back…AND I managed to skin the front of my left ankle…THRU MY SOCK!  I have talent, let me tell ya.  Anyway, as a result of this fall, I was a smidge disoriented or what have you and missed the turn for the shorter distance.  I didn’t realize my error until like 5 or so blocks later and by then it was too late.  I was now committed to the longer distance.  I finished 3.54 miles (according to my FitBit) in 36:39 minutes.  Honestly, not too bad for someone that hadn’t run in over 2 months!


I took my new bike into the shop for some basic maintenance and got her running great and adjusted to fit me and I’m seriously in love with my Bazooka Jo!  (my bike’s name, ICYMI)  Well, this past Monday I went to ATX Bikes in south Austin to look at helmets.  I spent about $30 more than I had intended to spend, but I’m super happy with the helmet I got.  It’s HOT PINK!  So it sorta matches the bike, just a different hue of pink because Bazooka Jo is more of a bubble gum pink.  I plan to put a bunch of stickers on the helmet to make it fully custom.  Still toying with whether or not I want to use the black adhesive letters I bought to spell out “Bazooka Jo.” 


Last week I went trail riding and it was pretty awesome.  I was seriously lacking in confidence for the majority of the 5 miles we rode, but by the end I’d gained a smidge of confidence and was pretty happy with that.  We were supposed to go again this past Tuesday, but we had some rain on Monday and the trail was closed when we got there Tuesday morning due to wet conditions.  Ugh.  Oh well.  We will go again soon!  And it will be awesome!  Anyway, during last week’s ride, my riding partner gave me advice all throughout the ride and that helped a lot, even if I was too unconfident to follow it half the time (maybe more than half the time, if I’m being fair here).  Anyway, I seriously cannot wait to go for another ride!  I want to ride more and regularly and I want to continue to gain confidence in my ability to ride on semi technical trails and I’d like to try trails that are even harder at some point down the road…err…trail. 


I’m renewing my efforts to re-lose weight yet again.  This is so frustrating for me.  I know at least some people that have had a long term battle with losing weight will understand what I’m feeling right now.  Some people are lucky enough to lose their 100 pounds in less than a year and can keep it off.  I am not so lucky.  I struggle every day with my eating and I hate it.  I haven’t had myself tested for food allergies or to see if I have some level of celiac disease, but I do know that items containing gluten and lactose give me digestive system problems.  Anyway, so, yeah…working on getting my eating under control again.  I now have about 20 pounds to re-lose…again.  I’ve given myself the goal of getting that done by the end of the year.  Fingers crossed!


I’m still working on my costume items and my Viking warrior-ess costume is almost completely done!  I’m getting really, really excited about it too.  So far, it looks fantastic and I’m super happy with it.  My ideas have come together quite nicely!  Up next Viking-wise is a Viking apron dress.  Part of me wants to go the easy route and just order one from the internet, but then it wouldn’t be as satisfying as it would be if I bought a pattern (which I’ve only found ONE pattern, which is a little frustrating…but…ACTUALLY I have to buy 2 patterns, 1 for the tunic dress and 1 for the apron overdress).  Also, if I get the pattern, I can just make a few dresses and aprons in different colors, which I think would be pretty awesome…to have options, you know?


Continuing on the subject of costumes, I ordered a bell-sleeved underdress to wear with my plaid bodice I bought at the Texas Renaissance Festival last season.  It looks amazing.  And it was one heck of a deal too!  Just $35!  Usually, if you buy those kinds of dresses at a fair, they cost $100 or way more even!  So I got a really awesome deal as far as I’m concerned.  I was afraid it wouldn’t look like the picture, but it looks exactly like the picture and I love it!  It’s perfect!  I put it on and then put the bodice over the top of it and it is just perfection…I’m so happy with it.  So, now I have a super easy costume to wear to fair.


Yet more on the costume front…PIRATE!!!  I was originally planning to take my time making it ready for the spring fair (Sherwood Forest Faire), but have decided to speed things up so I can wear it at TRF this year.  I have 4 days off next month, so I’m going to spend some time sewing the underdress and the jacket for the pirate costume.  I’m also going to buy a bunch of other things to go with it: a broad belt, a [non-firing] flintlock pistol, a hip pouch, a hat, and boots.  Later down the road, I’ll buy a cutlass sword and frog to attach it to my belt…or a baldric to hold it.  I kinda like the idea of a baldric instead of a frog for it.  Anyway, I plan for this costume to be just as epic as my Viking warrior-ess. 


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