Thursday, February 8, 2018

Christmas, Costumes, Concerts

In my previous post, I forgot to mention a bunch of things!  First, Christmas!  I haven’t had a “real” Christmas in I have no idea how long.  I don’t even remember.  This past Christmas was a different story, though.  I was invited to my boyfriend’s family’s Christmas.  I was not expecting any gifts, so when his mom walked over to me with this sorta big thing wrapped in green cellophane, I was almost brought to tears.  It wasn’t anything extravagant, but it was perfect.  It was a custom succulent arrangement that she had done herself!  There were 3 different succulents in the arrangement.  About a month after Christmas, one of them seemed to be starting to die.  It’s plump leaves were shriveling up and falling off.  So, the other day I went to Home Depot and bought a couple replacement succulents.  When I went to pull out the dead one and replace it with the 2 new ones, I discovered new growth on what I thought was a dead plant!  So I left it alone and managed to squeeze the new guys into the arrangement and, frankly, I am in love with it.  The new additions really compliment the other plants in it.  One of the succulents that his mom picked out has hot pink flowers on it.  One of the new ones has a bright yellow top.  So there’s lots of color. 


Still on the subject of Christmas…my boyfriend ordered 2 things for me.  One (the “less cool gift,” as he called it) arrived the Saturday before Christmas so he gave it to me Christmas Eve.  That was this lace weight silk yarn that was hand beaded.  It’s gorgeous but kind of a nightmare too.  It gets tangled and knotted so easily.  But I have a swift and yarn winder now, so I bet if I wind it, it’ll be easier to use.  My second gift was coming from another country and had a manufacture time frame of 3-4 weeks, due to popularity and the time at which he ordered it (10 days before Christmas)…and then a delivery time frame of about 2 weeks.  It arrived January 31st.  When I opened it, I was beyond ecstatic because it was exactly what I wanted and was hoping for.  I wanted this dress so much that if he hadn’t bought it for me, I was definitely going to buy it for me.  Needless to say, this dress will get worn a LOT to festival.  It’s so pretty and comfortable.


I ordered a frog for my sword.  My sword is nothing fancy and neither is the frog, but it looks decent and is functional.  My sword is just a cast production of Glamdring from LOTR with a pretty cheap bonded leather sheath.  The frog I bought is also just cheap bonded leather, but I can use it as a pattern to make my own quality frog out of good leather myself. 


I’ve still been knitting away.  I’ve just been trying to be more rounded with all my crafting…scale & chainmail, knitting, sewing, etc.  Speaking of sewing, I really need to pick that back up because I still have my elf huntress costume that isn’t finished and I would really like to wear it to Sherwood Forest Faire this spring.  I need to order a couple things off Etsy and Amazon to complete the costume, but what’s left of what I have to sew on the elf costume is actually somewhat minimal, but it includes doing some things I’ve never done before, like buckles.  So, as silly as it is, I’m a bit intimidated by that.


I think it’s funny how excited I was to start playing World of Warcraft again and then my boyfriend talked me into playing Diablo 3 and now I’m all obsessed with Diablo 3 and haven’t even logged onto WoW in like a month now.  I am really enjoying Diablo 3! 


The other night, we went to see an Irish rock band, the Blaggards, at the local Irish pub, Fado’s.  It was their 2nd to last show there because Fado’s is closing down next month.  It was a really good show and we stayed for the whole thing.

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